ICAO Council President Praises Caribbean Approach to Regain

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ICAO Council President Praises Caribbean Approach to Regain
Salvatore Sciacchitano
Mon May 03, 2021

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States will contribute to an accelerated and sustainable recovery of the aviation sector, said Salvatore Sciacchitano

The Ministerial Meeting on Strengthening the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) and the Security Surveillance Systems of the ICAO Eastern Caribbean Contracting States focused on the role of the authority to ensure the performance of the security and protection of regional air transport.

Collaborative approaches to monitoring safety and security are critical for many countries around the world today, enabling them to cost-effectively pool their resources and share responsibilities. In the Caribbean, the pandemic and the recent tragic eruption in St. Vincent have demonstrated the extent of aviation challenges facing small island states, along with the financial burdens associated with their mitigation.

This, in turn, highlights the tremendous need for regional air transport organizations and multinational entities to be effective in delivering affordable and sustainable solutions.

“ICAO commends the commitment of the OECS States and the implementation of the ECCAA as an excellent multi-state solution to achieve alignment with all current global policies and complement ICAO's goal of No country left behind to improve implementation. States' effective ICAO standards and recommended practices. ”Declared President Sciacchitano.

The collaboration now being forged through the ECCAA will require commitments from each of its six ICAO Member States to ensure the authority's mission, particularly in terms of providing sufficiently resourced national civil aviation authorities. However, globally, when the pandemic remains a reality, resources have been reduced in some countries, even though it is more necessary than ever to ensure continued global operations and connectivity.

“The ability of cooperative solutions to increase and optimize the socio-economic benefits of safe and reliable air services in this region is largely based on their political will, the commitments of their governments, and the continued dedication and leadership of aviation. local civilian. Authorities, ”said the president.

Here, the President highlighted the success of the Systemic Assistance Program implemented by the ICAO North America, Central America and Caribbean Regional Office (NACC), which, with the support of larger champion States, is generating impressive results and “ serving as an excellent example of regional solidarity and cooperation ”.

Effort is one of the highest priorities and strongest commitments of the NACC Regional Office. The continued support of the States to these efforts "will be important not only for the regional objectives of air transport, but for the general and sustainable economic well-being of their societies," he said.

ICAO and its Member States clearly recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis, it is also an economic and financial crisis that presents governments with very difficult trade-offs in terms of different health, economic and health priorities. involved.

In order to help States address these issues, last month the ICAO Council adopted the latest Phase III amendments to the take-off guidance of its COVID-19 Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART). . These amendments prioritize the safe and efficient global distribution of vaccines, the facilitation of full-load air services, the exploration and completion of public health travel corridors, and standardized COVID-19 test certificates for safe international use. The recommendations also encourage national civil aviation and transportation officials to advocate more vigorously within their governments and ministries for the economic and public health priorities of air transportation.

Expressing the “ICAO Council's gratitude for the way in which its States have responded to this call,” the President concluded in conclusion that all ICAO States were strongly encouraged to attend the next High-level Conference of ICAO. ICAO on COVID-19 (HLCC), where "these complex issues and others will be at the forefront of discussions".


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