Costa Rica is awarded by WTM Latin America as the best responsible tourism destination

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Costa Rica is awarded by WTM Latin America as the best responsible tourism destination
Mon May 03, 2021

The Gold Winner award represents the highest distinction awarded in recognition of permanent efforts in the development of a sustainable tourism model

Costa Rica was awarded the “Best Destination for Responsible Tourism” award at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards Latin America, held virtually from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The Central American country obtained this award as a recognition of the sustainable tourism model that it has developed for more than 20 years by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), with the support of the private sector, and for developing a differentiated tourism approach that appeals to the social inclusion, preservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage.
Also, the qualifying jury highlighted the permanent effort of our country to transform the destination into a better place to live and visit. Costa Rica was selected from the shortlist of finalists made up of projects from Uruguay and Brazil.
According to the organizers, this is the first time that they have awarded awards for responsible tourism in Latin America, specifically in Sao Paulo, Brazil and join other similar deliveries that the World Travel Market makes to prominent representatives and professionals of the tourism industry in London , India, Africa.  
“It is without a doubt a great honor and pride for Costa Rica to receive this distinction and to be listed as the best responsible destination in these distinguished awards, especially in the most historically challenging context for the world's tourism industry.

"Costa Rica has opted for the development of a model whose main and transversal axis is sustainability, designed to protect and safeguard the natural environment and guarantee the social progress of communities. This award recognizes all the efforts we have made and encourages us to continue on the same path, "said Gustavo J. Segura, Minister of Tourism, with pride.
Segura also highlighted the country's efforts to be pioneers in ecotourism, as well as the commitment to conserving natural heritage and being a destination that invites you to reconnect with the essential values ​​of life and to live the Pura Vida in a safe and responsible way.
“The jury considers that Costa Rica is taking responsibility for building a sustainable destination as a whole, supporting local organizations, tourist destinations, and local tourism companies. In addition, the country is showing how the travel industry can be the main economy in a country, a clean economy that includes all its inhabitants.

"The Certificate of Tourism Sustainability (CST) of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute is a pioneering initiative in Latin America and has shown to push the entire industry for a better and more positive impact on the socio-environmental development of the country," explained Gustavo Pinto, spokesman for the WTM Latin America Awards.
Costa Rica stands out among the winners
On this occasion, the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards Latin America award ceremony was divided into four main categories: Best destination for responsible tourism; Best in poverty reduction and inclusion; Best contribution to the preservation of wildlife and Best attraction of cultural heritage.
According to the organizers, there were 53 projects registered from all over the continent, of which 13 finalists were chosen for these categories.
The main prize of the virtual gala was received by Costa Rica and the category of "best responsible destination" is awarded precisely to destinations that use tourism to promote sustainable local development in favor of change, making each visit a pleasant experience for the traveler and making the traveler an agent for the creation of qualified local jobs, cultural and natural preservation and long-term sustainability of the industry.
“It is a very deserved award for Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute for their initiatives such as the CST, a certification that encourages companies to demonstrate their sustainable practices and this has implied an improvement of our image in the world as a tourist destination. .

"Costa Rica has worked on a tourist differentiation as a country that prioritizes the protection of its natural resources and with a model that knows the value of the communities. This is a clear sign that we are on the right path and that we will succeed later of this pandemic ”, concluded Fernando Madrigal, President of the National Chamber of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism (CANAECO).


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