MSC Cruises reinforces protocols and vaccine against Covid-19 to the crew

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MSC Cruises reinforces protocols and vaccine against Covid-19 to the crew
Mon May 03, 2021

This program will be extended to the 10 ships already planned to return to sea during this European summer, to those scheduled for their restart in the Caribbean from US ports, as well as to the rest of the company's fleet

MSC Cruises announced on May 1 that it has started a COVID-19 vaccination program throughout its fleet for all members of its crew. This becomes an additional core element of the Company's industry-leading health and safety protocol that has already supported MSC Cruises operations since its first ship returned to service in August last year.

The launch took its first step with the captain of MSC Bellissima, Captain Giuseppe Maresca and his entire crew who completed their vaccination on April 30.

In this initial phase, MSC Cruises will give priority to the crew members on board its 10 ships destined for the 2021 European summer holidays in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, and those scheduled to return to sail in the Caribbean. from US ports The crew of the flagship MSC Virtuosa will be vaccinated ahead of the maiden voyage around the UK from Southampton from 20 May.

The plan is for all MSC Cruises crew aboard operational vessels, as well as ships preparing to return to other parts of the world where the Company has traditionally served, to be vaccinated against COVID-19. It has been developed and will be executed with the support of various national government authorities, destinations, and private sector entities.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises, said: “As our ships prepare to receive more and more guests over the coming weeks and months, we are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive vaccination plan for our entire crew. Our goal is to add an additional layer of protection for both themselves and the guests they will receive during their vacation, as we lead the way in restarting the industry this summer. ”

“Our health and safety protocol last year spearheaded a safe resumption of cruise ships in the global industry, and our massive vaccination program for our entire crew further demonstrates our commitment to their well-being, to our guests, and to the communities our will visit. floats for months to come. "

“We focused and invested a lot in a health and safety protocol last year and we worked tirelessly to get involved and obtain the approval of the different authorities to return to sail safely and responsibly. Similarly, we have taken this approach with vaccinations for our crew: plan, prepare and deliver. ”

MSC Cruises became the first line in the industry to resume international travel in August 2020 when the company's flagship, the MSC Grandiosa, set sail from Genoa for a 7-night Mediterranean voyage. Since then, the Company has welcomed some 65,000 guests on board for a safe and relaxing cruise vacation at sea.

The company's 10 ships that will serve the Mediterranean and Northern Europe this European summer have confirmed itineraries and ports of call in Italy, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Germany and the UK with plans to add France, Spain. among others, as more countries open their borders and relax their international and other travel restrictions.


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