The G-20 meeting dedicated to the tourism sector will take place tomorrow

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The G-20 meeting dedicated to the tourism sector will take place tomorrow
Mon May 03, 2021

The main objectives of the meeting will be to define the necessary policies to build a better normalcy and ensure sustainable and inclusive growth

The themes of the meeting are part of the G20 agenda, which continues to focus on healing the wounds caused by the pandemic and aims to define the policies necessary to build a better normalcy and ensure the relaunch of sustainable and inclusive growth.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the sector is one of the largest aggregate factors in the global economy, creating 1 in 4 net new jobs in the world between 2014 and 2019, saw its contribution to global GDP fall by 49.1 % in 2020. International action and coordination are urgent.

The general priorities of the G20 Presidency are reflected in a set of initiatives for the future of tourism, a legacy to be approved by ministers.

The guidelines, developed in collaboration with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), address seven policy areas: safe mobility, crisis management, resilience, inclusion, green transformation, digital transition; Investment and Infrastructure.

The priority will be to ensure safe mobility, it is essential to restore confidence in international tourism, as well as in the economy in general. The G20 will commit to supporting, complementing and coordinating the main international initiatives currently being developed for safe international mobility, including the Green Digital Certificate in the EU.

The G20 will also focus on the sustainable transformation of the tourism industry and the need to support the evolution of global tourism in a sustainable direction. After two meetings of the Tourism Working Group (March 4-5 and April 29), the Ministers' meeting on May 4 will define measures to direct the recovery of this key sector, which represents around 1 of every 10 jobs globally.


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