Avianca improves its distribution policy to offer very competitive prices

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Avianca improves its distribution policy to offer very competitive prices
Mon May 03, 2021

Sales through more efficient channels will allow customers to save savings, have lower rates and continue to provide agencies with the airline's entire offer

Like a number of airlines in the world, since August Avianca will expand its distribution scheme for the sale of tickets for travel agencies, enabling more efficient channels in which travel agents will access all the airline's inventory - tickets and complementary services - at the best prices. In turn, with the implementation of this improvement, passengers will find cheaper tickets, which corresponds to the vision of being a more accessible company for all.

“The airlines have migrated to this sales scheme that proves to be efficient and have multiple benefits for customers. This is an important and necessary change in line with the dynamics of air travel distribution in the world ”, commented Silvia Mosquera Chief Commercial Officer of Avianca. In addition, he explained that agencies that use more efficient channels, such as Avianca NDC and the Web Portal for agencies, will not have to pay additional charges for the issuance of tickets. "Avianca will provide all the support and support to its allies so that they join this new scheme that undoubtedly benefits customers and consequently the reactivation of tourism."

The airline also informed that it will continue to maintain the option of connecting to the commercial offer through global distribution systems (GDS), however, as of August 1, 2021, tickets sold in this way will have an additional charge for offset the cost of using these channels.

Weeks ago, Avianca unveiled its “Changing Together” strategy, which responds to the company's new vision, which focuses on having very competitive prices, an important expansion of its route network, favoring point-to-point destinations and offering a Simpler product adapted to the needs of passengers. In this sense, the optimization of the distribution channels announced today responds to the purpose of having an Avianca for everyone and much more accessible.


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