Festival das Cataratas begins on Friday

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Festival das Cataratas begins on Friday
Paulo Angeli
Tue May 04, 2021

The event is part of the program of the Festival of the Falls which will be held in person in December in Foz do Iguaçu (PR)

Source: diariodoturismo.com.br

The 6th edition of Hackatour Cataratas starts this Friday (7) and runs until Sunday (9). The event is part of the program of the Festival das Cataratas, which will be held in person in December, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

The event that has the theme Smart Cities in Tourism will take place entirely online and will target web developers; systems analysts; UX Designers; engineers; technology entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs; students in the areas of tourism, hospitality and administration; and tourism enthusiasts in general.

“We are working on renovating the Falls tourism fair. For 10 years, we have included environmental responsibility at the fair. We are one of the few tourism events, if not the only one in Brazil that does carbon compensation and a series of environmental responsibility actions ”, says Paulo Angeli, one of the creators of the event.

“About six years ago, we identified the need to seek solutions for tourism, innovations, that would make life easier for the entire tourism chain. So we set up this Hackatour, which is a programming marathon that seeks technological solutions, solutions presented at the Tourism Fair. Another innovation of the Festival of the Falls that goes to Brazil ”, says Angeli to DT.

Still, according to Paulo, Hackatour is a complement to the Cataract Tourism Fair. “In addition to the fair, we have the scientific forum - which is the largest scientific technical event in Brazil and we are looking for technological solutions - via Hackatour; the three complement each other ”, summarizes ..

Registration is open and can be made through the website www.hackatour.com at a cost of R $ 50.

In less than three days, the marathon teams must develop solutions within the theme proposed by the organizers (Smart Cities in Tourism). For this, they will have the support of a team specialized in several themes, in addition to following lectures, mentoring and webinars. More details are available in the event rules: https://bit.ly/3n80vrZ.

Hackatour Cataratas is carried out by the Institute for the Development of Tourism and Strategic Projects (IDESTUR), with the organization of the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI-BR) and strategic support from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Paraná - through the General Superintendence of Innovation, Wakalua, UniAmérica, Startup PR, Sebrae Paraná, iCities and the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP) - Campos do Jordão Campus.


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