MIS brings together 310 business tourism professionals

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MIS brings together 310 business tourism professionals
Source: Grupo eventoplus
May 10, 2021

Its face-to-face edition was completed with an online version the following day, confirming the trend towards hybridization of the events

The sector perhaps most devastated by the pandemic is that of meetings tourism (often called MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions), a sector whose DNA is the face-to-face meeting and therefore whose turnover has plummeted since the beginning of the Covid . However, it finally begins, little by little, its reactivation, and Spain confirms its leadership in this industry: Grupo eventosplus has organized on April 28 at the Hotel RIU Plaza España, which is undoubtedly the largest event in the sector in what This year, throughout Europe, with 310 face-to-face attendees, thus demonstrating the possibility of organizing safe face-to-face events.

“A professional face-to-face event is one of the safest places there is: multiple security measures, highly responsible attendees, full traceability, and now with the tests, an even greater level of tranquility. An essential sector for reactivation (events allow to communicate, sell, train, build loyalty, motivate, etc.) has to return to activity safely, something feasible as we have demonstrated ”, commented Eric Mottard, co-founder and CEO of Grupo Eventosplus. 

A very careful security. Rigorous protocols were applied to demonstrate that events can be held: a negative antigen test was required done less than 24 hours before the event, offering attendees a free solution in their city of origin or in Madrid. All participants were also given a new FFP2 mask, which they wore at all times (few settings encourage individual responsibility like a professional event). Third, in addition to the spacing between tables, the hotel's high ceilings, and its ventilation system, the windows were left open, maximizing ventilation. And the meal was held in another room, allowing the air to be renewed. A security mechanism that far exceeded what the regulations require.

Appointments and training. Attendees and exhibitors buyers could propose visits and thus create their appointment schedule. A necessary update when reactivation approaches and it is important to know what destinations, spaces and providers have changed. The event also featured a training program on topics such as storytelling in events, the keys to return to travel events, the future of medical events, health guidelines in events, or how international events will return to this first-rate destination. level that is Spain. 

New formats were also applied both in the face-to-face and online sessions: speed networking (2-minute micro-meetings, before moving on to the next, allowing very effective networking), elevator pitch (30-second presentations) and the bullet points session (present your destination to the audience in just 3 points) and a photocall designed to feed social networks made the event a trending topic.

A hybrid event. They opted for a “1 + 1” format: a face-to-face day and an online event day, held from a set at the Neptune Palace in Madrid. Thus, anyone who could not attend the in-person event could train, interact and meet with the exhibitors without leaving their home or office. This event combined many entertaining formats, from 1-1 virtual meetings to discussions in small groups (the “chat rooms”), a fun trivia game in which all attendees could participate, micro-presentations of destinations about their news, a concert by live pop, hang out at the Virtual Café (where participants could meet other people, and someone from Grupo eventosplus dynamized the meeting), 

“An online event is a care management challenge. It is very important to offer dynamic content, with rhythm, with a variety of formats, and with the possibility of participation. It's what we did ”, says Lynn Wong, co-founder and director of communication and events at Grupo eventosplus.

Powered by… As is common today, the event was based on a technological platform (from the Meetmaps company) that allowed everyone to connect, participate in quizzes and polls, organize appointments in the face-to-face event and even hold them in the virtual event. This technology allowed strong interactivity: 8,029 messages and 10,482 interactions passed through the platform. The event had 85 exhibitors, 306 in-person attendees and 159 to the online program.


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