FITURTECHY 2021: Technological innovation for the new era of tourism

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FITURTECHY 2021: Technological innovation for the new era of tourism
Source: FITUR
May 17, 2021

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain will inaugurate the space that will be open at FITUR from May 19 to 21

Next Wednesday, May 19, 2021, within the framework of FITUR, Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, will inaugurate FITURTECHY, the space dedicated to tourism innovation and sustainability, at the #techYnegocio forum, accompanied by the president of ITH, Javier García Cuenca.

From May 19 to 21 we will be able to enjoy this space, organized by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) and FITUR, which is presented in hall 10B 03 of IFEMA MADRID.

The #techYhotel Showroom
In the more than 2000 square meters that FITURTECHY occupies, it is worth highlighting the showroom of the "hotel of the future" #techYhotel, where a simulation of a hotel room is presented, with the futuristic technologies that are already a reality and that have come to stay.

A waiter robot will welcome us making and serving ice cream and will accompany us for a unique experience. DAX Robotics, will provide an automated bar, in which drinks will be dispensed with a robot. The order can be requested from the robot, from an APP or completely automatically by placing the glasses on a tray. 

One of the novelties of this #techYhotel edition is that DigaliX will show its flagship product for tourism and catering at FITURTECHY XTable ©. Created in 2008, it was a pioneer and has continued to evolve, adapting to the needs of each sector. It is an interactive table with a 4K screen, tempered glass and liquid-proof insulation, designed and manufactured in Spain. It has NFC and Qr interconnections and databases, it is a powerful Cross Selling tool.

Another of the most striking singularities of #techYhotel is the possibility of enjoying a safe swimming pool, Fluidra Connec that automates and controls quality in real time ”. as stated by Fluidra.

The Cajamar Cooperative Group, sponsor of the Welcome & VIP Area, will have a set to conduct interviews with the interesting speakers and visitors who accompany us at FITURTECHY.

For the second consecutive year, MORPH Estudio has designed this futuristic hotel, which on this occasion will delight us with a very different format. And it is that the motto of MORPH Estudio is to reinvent spaces with new ideas that add intangible value to the property, something necessary to reposition hospitality spaces at the beginning of a new stage like the one we are experiencing.

The furniture design evolves with the needs of the Hospitality Industry, decorating the spaces and giving comfort to the clients. The interior design studio MSC presents at FITURTECHY a series of fabrics made with plastic bottles recovered from the bottom of the sea.

In this year in which we are so sensitized with disinfection, the hygiene and disinfection company Cleanity will participate with three of its solutions that will help hotels to guarantee safe spaces for their clients. Its massive hand disinfection totems, its Desincol 2 surface disinfectant and its Cleanity essence range to neutralize bad odors. 

On the other hand, we will have a disinfection system that provides protection for 6 months against bacteria, vocs, fungi and viruses through ultrasound nebulization. Easy and agile application on all surfaces, plastics, textiles, ceramics, metal, glass ... In addition, an air purification system, which allows in just 15 minutes to renew the air in the rooms and disinfect them, provided by BD Sky.

In order to enter this futuristic hotel, Chapp Solutions invites us to know the Auto Check-in systems, innovative solutions with ID capture, facial recognition, collections and key delivery and the Lean PMS, to offer the best user experience and quality of service to customers.

We will also have a great technological ally in the sector for access control and digital check-in. This is the Navarran company, Veridas, specialized in the development of biometrics for the verification of identities that will present its technological solutions applied to the tourism sector at #techYhotel, so that it can begin its recovery thanks to the digital transformation.

In this edition, HP will present its main novelties for the hotel sector. In the reception area, a new Mobile POS system and “HP POS Engage Go: It will be a system that will facilitate check-in by guests (autochek-in) or the same system can be used by the receptionist, who at Having a DNI / Passport reader integrated will speed up the process. These systems support cleaning and disinfection with solutions up to 70% alcohol, so important to keep the security protocols set by Covid19 active during these months. Likewise, they have the best protection against cyberattacks thanks to the optional HP SureClick software.

One more edition, Pikolin participates in #techYhotel through its proposal for an articulated rest team. Pikolin lands in FITURTECHY with articulated ActivePik, the rest equipment that adapts perfectly to the posture that your back needs when sleeping. Articulable in the head and feet area through a command and silent motor, ActivePik makes rest in the hotel more pleasant, thanks to a perfect positioning of the back. Not only will its articulated base adapt point by point to your body morphology, but its pocket spring mattress will provide a feeling of weightlessness at rest for a total relaxation effect.

Both the sheets and the bath and spa garments that we will find are part of the Cotton EBO collection by Resuinsa, made with 100% Ecological, Biological and Organic cotton in which insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are not used, thus favoring natural cycles of the Earth, supported by the GOTS standard.

The bed will have a touch of color with plaid and decorative cushions by Carmela Martí, with the sustainable collection Posidonia, made from recycled PET plastics. The combination of printed fabric recalls the waves of the sea together with the plain ones in aqua green tones, providing the perfect balance between freshness and calm.

Roca shapes smarter bathrooms through IoT, which is why it will be present in this hotel room simulation. Connectivity reaches the bathroom space thanks to the new RocaProtect platform: a solution for public toilets that integrates Roca's most advanced connected devices within a cloud-based monitoring service to improve facility management. It will also present In-Wash® with In-Tank: The Hygiene Revolution. Today, hand in hand with Smart Toilets, water reaches the toilet to offer complete personal hygiene, ensuring total comfort and care and responding to a society increasingly committed to health and personal care.

Thinking about the importance of contactless tools for the reopening of hotels, Zennio will show all the possibilities that demotic automation can offer to enhance contactless technology, thus reducing the chances of contagion. All this through its screens, push buttons and latest generation KNX access controls.

The customer experience is essential, therefore, CERIUM will show its IPTV platform that transforms the television in the room into a content portal and connected with all the hotel services, and will present its new captive wifi portal (HOTSPOT) that enhances direct hotel sales through promotions and guest data capture.

The details make the difference. At #techYhotel we invite you to try the experience of using the world's largest digital kiosk, with the help of Pressreader, who will also show you what it would be like to work in a hotel that wants to offer the service to its guests, with access to thousands of publications from all over the world through the App or your website.

In this hotel everything is meticulously taken care of, for this reason Orona, the leading European business group in vertical lifting, will also participate, providing 360º solutions that cover the entire lifting value chain: design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, modernization, rehabilitation and replacement of elevators and escalators for all market segments.


#techYhotel will also have one of the main business corporations in the audiovisual sector, Fluge Audiovisuales, its main activity being the supply of professional sound, lighting and video technical equipment. There are many works carried out in the field of permanent and ephemeral installations, celebrations and inaugurations, mapping, holograms, corporate events, fairs, congresses, concerts, musicals, tours or festivals.

Also, one more year, the Madrid company manufacturer of Social Robots, Futura Vive will present a range of Robots for Hotels and Restaurants. Specifically, Robots that can take orders from tables, and serve them, Robots for disinfection of spaces, Temperature Control Robots, Robots for hotels with an interactive Checkin-Checkout, Telepresence robots, and will create an interactive demo zone of facial recognition with biometric data analysis to detect emotions, age range and gender of people. Those companies in the tourism sector that want to know the latest advances in technology can come and see first-hand in the exhibition area, the latest advances in social robotics.

Kaos Engineering, the manufacturer of LITTIUM Bicycles, will be present at FITURTECHY by the hand of ITH, presenting its turnkey and customized model of bicycle service plus secure parking and APP for use by the guests of the Hotels and Accommodations of the future.


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