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Tue May 18, 2021

After two days of sessions, the event managed to bring together more than 1,400 suppliers in the industry to continue training them on how to add value in the face of the forced evolution that the sector is having

Under the concept The Add Value Momentum, 12 conferences were presented where renowned speakers shared their proposals and knowledge to inspire and give the tools to all those who are seeking to become leaders and be creators of the best experiences of their events. 

Mauricio Candiani, president of Allenamenti Speakers welcomed Jesús Cochegrús, expert in Videogame Production and Direction and Storytelling, who, through a trip to the past and an analysis of how technology has transformed humanity, spoke about the 3 pillars that must be taken into account to reinvent, evolve, grow and generate new business opportunities: Prediction (understand the customer), Strategy (renew proposal), Disruption (take advantage of technology). 

El panel sobre la presentación de resultados de PEiiR LATAM -abril 2021-, estuvo a cargo de Arik Staropolsky, Director General de STA Consultores, quien comentó que desde que inició la pandemia, las expectativas que la industria esperaba para enero y febrero de 2021 se cumplieron (a pesar del 8% de decremento que tuvo respecto al mismo periodo del año pasado). 

According to the surveys, 51% of the conferences will be face-to-face, 30% hybrid and 19% virtual. 57% of the conventions will be face-to-face, 26% hybrid and 17% virtual. The exhibitions, in a very similar percentage where 27% will be hybrid and 16% virtual. Incentive trips will be 81% face-to-face and only 16% virtual. This information was analyzed by the members of the panel Elizabeth Tovar, president of COCAL, Silvana Biagiotti, president, Latin American and Caribbean Convention Bureau Association, and David Hidalgo, which was moderated by Ana María Viscasillas, Founder Business Tourism Services and Eduardo Chaillo, CEO Global Meetings and Tourism Specialists. 

For her part, the entrepreneur and marketing expert, Founder of Event Makers and Woman Rocks, Nadia Nemer, shared her experience and knowledge on how to create and organize face-to-face, digital or hybrid events that really make an impact. He also spoke about Event Marketing and the importance of adding it as a business strategy, as it is based on the development of a brand and the conceptualization of memorable experiences for the consumer. He shared 3 steps to create impactful experiences: 1. Sensory Marketing (stimulate the senses through sensory experiences). 2. Generate interaction between attendees. 3. Create transformation (the objective of the event should be the transformation of people no matter how small or big it is).    

The participation of Vicente Ferreyra, General Director of SUSTENTUR, led the attendees to discover how to hold events with purpose, since one of the issues that have advanced thanks to the pandemic is sustainability. "Today the tourist is looking to travel in a different way, we have valued more things, we already have a chip to find a purpose, a cause, leave a mark," he commented. He explained the difference between how to hold events with a cause and with a purpose to integrate sustainability in the operation of events, not only in the environmental part, but also the social one. 

This day of presentations ended with the topic “Trends today. Realities tomorrow ”from the speaker presented by Thinking Heads, Julian Bulgheroni, Former Regional Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at The Walt Disney Company, who throughout the conversation gave multiple examples of how companies and brands have to continue innovating before the wave of changes and how they should prepare in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and with it, be able to identify global trends and their capitalization in business opportunities.

Finally, Adolfo Betetta Sánchez, meeting tourism specialist at PromPerú, the sponsoring destination of the Digital Summit, spoke about all the possibilities that this country offers, for holding congresses, conventions and events, as well as incentive trips and all the tourist offer and adequate infrastructure for professionals in this sector.  

The next day the sessions continued with the presentation of the international speaker presented by Thinking Heads, Wendy Wunder, CEO of WWIN Planners, who after telling her life story, from being born in a circus, to becoming an entrepreneur, learned how to do storytelling to run a good storyselling. “The stories excite and awaken feelings in people, the data and the facts do not. It is important to learn how to connect with your customers through this technique and make the product or service arrive in a different way and make them fall in love ”, he commented.  

Then, Julius Solaris, Head of Engagement at Swapcard, explained the different ways in which hybrid events can be held this year to keep in touch with customers, as there will be people who are encouraged to travel until 2022. Virtual events will have to rely on digital tools to capture the attention of attendees and shared 4 of the challenges that organizers can face and tactics to solve each of them: Engagement, Monetization, Fatigue and that face-to-face events go to return someday (face-to-face).   

On how to do Empathic Marketing and how companies can benefit, Alistair Turner, General Director at EIGHT PR & Marketing, commented that understanding and understanding the basic needs and those that go beyond customers, connect with them on their terms , in their language, show the values ​​and give them moments that leave them an experience, they will be part of a successful campaign.  

Laurence Newell, CEO USA and LATAM at Brand Finance, shared his knowledge about how to value a brand and how this value that it acquires can help companies to position, strengthen them and achieve global growth thanks to their clients or consumers .  

Miguel Neves, Editor-in-Chief at EventMB, spoke about the future of the events industry, focusing mainly on the technological tools that are currently available through different platforms to carry out, mainly, hybrid events. He stressed that the interaction between people and that the content is interesting are very important factors for the results to be favorable. He commented that hybrid events are functional, but require many resources and complex logistics, for this it is important to invest in innovating, learning and acquiring all the knowledge so that the events have good results.

The great closing of the event was in charge of Felipe Gómez, consultant and lecturer on issues of entrepreneurship, innovation, virtuosity and speaker presented by Allenamenti Speakers, who focused on how to be organizers of “Virtuosos” events, making an analogy between a musician and a event planner. With his grand piano he exemplified the 3 elements: Method, Attitude and Passion, to be able to project and connect with audiences or clients. “Let's apply this to our life relationships at home, with our partner, with our family, with your work team, your clients, so that everything we do is truly extraordinary and virtuous. It is necessary to inspire others to do it and for people to stand up to applaud you, that makes all the difference ”, he concluded.

David Hidalgo, Director of IBTM Americas “When we started planning this event, we had one goal in mind: to show the mix of pre- and post-pandemic trends that would allow us to add value to the events and the people who participate in them; and I can say with pleasure that the goal was achieved. We are very happy with the quality of the speakers and the feedback that the participants have given us. Now we hope they will join us in August with more content and networking spaces at IBTM Americas 2021, Centro Citibanamex ”.

Undoubtedly, IBTM Americas will continue to evolve in response to the needs of the meetings industry, to give continuity to its objective of promoting business closings 365 days a year, and thus, continue to be the meeting point par excellence in the region.


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