Viva plans to lower the cost of tickets and open 15 new international routes in 3 years

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Viva plans to lower the cost of tickets and open 15 new international routes in 3 years
Félix Antelo, Viva
Source: Viva
Tue May 25, 2021

The firm renews its image and has established itself as the second most important airline in Colombia

Disruptive, without fear of change and 'challenging what is known' as nine years ago when it arrived in the Colombian market and began a new history in the country's aviation, today Viva Air is transformed and changes its image, to be called simply 'Viva 'It's that easy and simple, with the aim that all travelers continue to fly more, paying less; With the conviction to continue promoting air inclusion in Colombia and as part of its expansion strategy in the market, Viva launches its renewed brand and the growth plans that accompany it, in which it plans to open 15 new international routes in the next three years, which will allow Colombians to travel throughout the continent, including new destinations that will connect the country with North, South America and the Caribbean.

The Company, which last year was consolidated as the second most important airline in the country, has mobilized as a Group more than 2.4 million passengers since the restart of air operations, which shows the good moment the airline is going through, as well as the acceptance of the Low Cost model and its attractive prices, which allow many more people to fly. And this is how, firm representative of the model, which has set the challenging goal of having the lowest unit cost per passenger in the world, which added to the new international offer, and doubling the number of aircraft in its fleet, will allow it continue to offer the best prices to travelers in the region.

In addition, within the framework of its ninth anniversary, the airline presents its new brand image, with which it will seek to continue transforming air transport in the region, always with the highest standards of punctuality in its flights and biosecurity, as well as with the youngest fleet in Colombia and third in South America. Starting today, the Company will cease to be 'Viva Air', to be called 'Viva', with a brand that is already positioned in the minds and hearts of Colombians.

“Firm with our promise to promote air inclusion, by allowing Colombians to fly more thanks to the benefits of the low-cost model, we announced the launch of our renewed brand that will now be just Viva. This change represents the next step for our airline and the commitment to all Colombians so that they can fly more, and to more destinations, paying less ”, stated Félix Antelo, president & CEO of the Group. He also added that “Nine years ago we were born as an airline determined to transform air transport in Colombia. Today we can say that thanks to the committed work and trust of millions of Colombians, Viva projects a prominent future, in which we will continue with our expansion plan in the domestic and international market.

As an example of the above, Viva added four new international routes to its network this year: Cancun-Medellín, Mexico City-Medellín, Orlando-Medellín and Mexico City-Bogotá. With this launch, Viva doubles its international offer and reveals its expansion plans in which Medellín, its host city, will be the hub of America's connections.

Thus, seeking to encourage the development and connectivity of the region, Viva recently made Medellín and the Rionegro José María Córdova International Airport official as its Operations Center, with the firm promise of turning the capital of Antioquia and Colombia into the new axis of the continent's air connections. This provides unique opportunities for connectivity and savings to travelers, by connecting the entire country at the best prices.

With the deployment of operations to new national and international destinations this year, the airline will operate 26 routes to 12 destinations in the country and seven international ones in five destinations that include Peru, Mexico and the United States. In addition, in its commitment to expanding in the domestic and international market, it estimates to transport as a Group, between 2022 and 2025, approximately 50 million passengers, which represents another step towards consolidating itself as the best Low Cost airline in the region. 


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