Viva inaugurates its HUB for the region in Medellín with a new international route

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Viva inaugurates its HUB for the region in Medellín with a new international route
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Wed June 02, 2021

The Colombian low-cost airline has just announced the direct flight Medellín-Cancun

As part of the launch of its new brand 'Viva' and on the occasion of the inauguration of the Medellín-Cancun international route, the renewed Low Cost airline officially opens its Medellín HUB, the Connections Center for the region, with which will deploy its international strategy under the firm conviction of turning the capital of Antioquia and Colombia into the new axis of air connections on the continent, allowing Colombians to fly more, to more destinations, paying less. With the inauguration of this new route and the next to operate: Medellín-Orlando on June 10 and Medellín-México at the beginning of August, there are now five direct international routes that Viva will operate to and from Medellín, which makes it easier for passengers connect in an agile, fast and economical way to multiple destinations in the country and the region.

In this way, Medellín-Cancún becomes the first direct international route of the Medellín HUB and the airline's growth plans are started, in which it projects the opening of 15 new international routes in the next three years that will connect the country with North, South America and the Caribbean. Starting today, Colombians will be able to travel to Cancun from the capital of Antioquia, with the best average rates on the market and three flights a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Viva expects that about 35 thousand passengers will be mobilized during the first year of operation of this route and projects a 'Viva Effect' in the reduction of rates of 40%, showing that it is possible to fly more and at Low Cost in the region and the world.  

“Our HUB Medellín's principle is to connect people and make them feel that they have the world at their fingertips. The consolidation of this project will change the history of Medellín, of the José María Córdova Airport, and will make the capital of Antioquia the hub of connections between the country and the continent, with fast, punctual flights, accessible to everyone and on new planes. With this we seek to further boost the economy and generate greater economic development for the department and Colombia. We continue to grow our route network and are committed to connecting the country with the region and the world through our Connections Center and our Low Cost model ”, commented Félix Antelo, President & CEO of Grupo Viva.

In addition to the route to Cancun, Viva also inaugurated the direct route to Mexico City from Bogotá with four flights a week. Likewise, it will begin operations on the Medellín-Orlando route from June 10 with three weekly flights and Medellín-Mexico City with four flights per week from the beginning of August. With the deployment of operations to new international destinations this year, the airline will operate 26 domestic routes to 12 destinations in the country and seven international routes in five destinations that include Peru, Mexico and the United States.

“We are very pleased with this new stage of Viva and we are happy that our José María Córdova airport is the airline's hub, with us they started their operations and we continue to see it grow. This new project will allow our passengers to communicate with more destinations directly, allowing Antioqueños and all Colombians, greater possibilities of connectivity with the world. In the same way, we will grow, together with the Airline, in new routes, more frequencies and different schedules that benefit travelers. We congratulate Viva, we celebrate with her the opening of the direct route to Cancun, a magical destination, and we will receive with all the biosecurity measures, since we have the quality seals "

In 2021 the HUB of connections and the Rionegro airport will connect directly with 14 destinations: five international to Lima, Miami, Orlando, Cancun and Mexico City, and nine national. In addition, Viva's new fleet of NEO A320 aircraft, being the most modern in Colombia and the third in South America, allows the airline to travel longer distances in less time, which makes it possible for the airline to operate flights from Medellín and its connection hub. direct to more international destinations such as New York or Buenos Aires in the near future.

Viva promotes air inclusion in Colombia through its Low Cost model and invites Colombians to fly more, taking advantage of the advantages of being the second most important airline in the Colombian air market, fares at always low prices, 95% punctuality in its itineraries and the direct connections that it operates from Medellín to the rest of the country and the world.

More details about the routes:

Inaugural flights:

Bogotá - Mexico City: June 2
Medellín - Cancun: June 2
Medellín - Orlando: June 10
Medellín - Mexico City: August 3

Weekly frequencies:
· Bogotá - Mexico City: 4 flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday).
· Medellín - Cancun: 3 flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday).
· Medellín - Orlando: 3 flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
· Medellín - Mexico City: 4 flights a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday).

Advantages of HUB Medellín, Connections Center:
· Easy connection between destinations, in the case of international flights without the need to go through immigration or customs during your stopover in Colombia.
· Easy connection between domestic destinations in Colombia, avoiding a congested airport like El Dorado in Bogotá.
· Short connection times.
· A less congested airport that will facilitate connection processes.
· A diversified network of destinations.
· Strategic location of the city and the country in its continental connection, which will allow travelers to visit one of the most economically developed cities in the region.


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