The Mayan Train will strengthen and integrate the tourist product of the Mexican southeast

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The Mayan Train will strengthen and integrate the tourist product of the Mexican southeast
Source: Twitter @TrenMayaMX
Fri June 11, 2021

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, gave President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a proposal of 62 tours

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, delivered to the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a proposal with 62 options for packages and routes through the 19 stations that will make up the Mayan Train.

He indicated that these routes, which will be offered as soon as this important project is launched, will allow visitors to know and live new experiences through the 19 stations that will make up the Mayan Train.

He specified that the suggestion is based on the infrastructure, products, services, communities and territories, which, through 112 attractions or complementary destinations of cultural and nature tourism, allows the identification of points of tourist interest to choose stays of one to three nights in the city. zone of each one of the stations of the Mayan Train, that will cross the states of Quintana Roo, Yucatán, Campeche, Chiapas and Tabasco.

Secretary Torruco Marqués stressed that the document establishes activities around each of the stations. Thus, a national or foreign tourist will be able to live the experience of being on board the Mayan Train, in addition to spending the night and visiting various tourist sites and attractions such as Pueblos Mágicos, World Heritage Sites of Humanity, cultural and natural, as well as archaeological sites, among others.

He added that, with the purpose of taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, as well as complementing the current possibilities of visiting segments such as Reunion Tourism, Romance, Health, Wellness and Retirement, the document suggests that 44 of the 62 tour options can enrich the current offer.

The objective is, for example, that the Meetings Industry has more alternatives before or after the event; or the Romance segment, in its ring delivery, bachelor parties, weddings, honeymoon or vow renewal modalities, offer new visiting experiences to further enrich the experience.

Likewise, in terms of Medical Tourism, Wellness and Retirement, provide possibilities for these segments to have visiting alternatives that complement their main travel motivator, considering the enormous potential that the various municipalities and Magical Towns in the area have.

He explained that the proposal fully integrates the chain of local services and suppliers, thus fulfilling the Tourism Sector Program in favor of the communities and territories.

In addition to the names of the towns with which each of the 19 programmed stations will be recognized, they will have a consecutive number to facilitate their identification for tourists from other nations.

On the other hand, the head of the Ministry of Tourism recalled that the objective of the current government, headed by President López Obrador, is to increase the economic benefit and per capita spending of visitors, because the tourist potential of a country is not due measured by the number of tourists received, but rather by the amount of foreign exchange received. For this reason, he emphasized the opportunity to increase what visitors spend in destinations in Mexico during their stay. The challenge, without a doubt, is to recover tourist flows, but the most important thing is to improve average spending.

This tourist work, considered the most important in 50 years, will meet three objectives: recreational tourist transport; passenger transport in support of the local population to bring them closer to their work areas; and freight transportation.

With the construction of the Mayan Train, around half a million direct and indirect jobs will be generated for people in the region: specialists in engineering, architecture, finance, construction, biology and sociology, as well as personnel for the operation of the train, among others. This project seeks to fully include local communities in the improvement of rural and urban infrastructure, as well as the public services associated with the project.

He pointed out that, being a regionally integrated project, it will generate a fair and balanced regional development for the communities and territories, in addition to being fully sustainable, complying with three basic rules: preserve the historical and cultural identity; preserving the environment; and benefit the local population; plus a fourth that was generated from the Covid-19 pandemic and is the constant compliance with biosanitary protocols, which are an added value that provides greater health security and will remain as a new discipline.


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