The return of Royal Caribbean lived in the first person

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The return of Royal Caribbean lived in the first person
Source: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
June 15, 2021

We interviewed Alberto Muñoz, Associate Vice President - Latin America and Caribbean at the cruise line, who gave us details of the reopening of operations

After more than 15 months, Royal Caribbean International and the Caribbean communities celebrated their long-awaited return to the region with Adventure of the Seas, which set sail on Saturday, June 12 from Nassau, Bahamas.

This morning we have exclusively interviewed Alberto Muñoz, Associate Vice President - Latin America and Caribbean of Royal Caribbean who on board the cruise has shared his feelings and vision about what lies ahead.

How are you living the experience aboard the Adventure of the Seas? What have you felt after so long? 
"There is enormous satisfaction for all that has been done to receive our guests again and both I and the rest of the crew are confident that everything will work out in the best way since our company has put a lot of effort into each detail so that there is no difficulty. "

What changes have you observed in Perfect Day? 
"Honestly, not many because I was already prepared for the new normal, that is, guests will be able to fully enjoy themselves just as they did before the pandemic."
"As a private destination exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests, they will find endless ways to relax and enjoy beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as exciting experiences like the incredible Thrill Water Park, zip lining and all kinds of water sports."

The big news in recent times has been the confirmation of the departures from the United States, could you provide a comment on this novelty?
"We have worked hard to take all measures to ensure that both the crew and the guests are safely on board."
"The return of the cruise company will begin on July 2 in Miami, the cruise capital of the world, with Freedom of the Seas embarking on a special 4th of July weekend sailing to Perfect Day at CocoCay."
"By the end of August, twelve Royal Caribbean ships will be sailing in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe again."
"Immediately after the first cruise, on Royal Caribbean's long-awaited return to the United States, the new Odyssey of the Seas will debut on July 3."
"The advertised cruises offer a variety of itineraries that vary in length and destination, ease and flexibility in booking, and convenient US ports of departure ensuring there is a cruise for every type of passenger."

Could you detail what are the biosecurity measures for departures from the USA?
"The protocol is very complex but travelers can plan their cruise with the peace of mind of knowing that all crew members will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Passengers are advised to leave fully vaccinated, if eligible. Those who are not are vaccinated or who cannot show proof of vaccination, they will carry out a test and follow other protocols ".

What does the entry into operation of the Odyssey of the Seas represent for you?
"It will debut July 3. The game-changing ship will set sail from Fort Lauderdale on 6- and 8-night Caribbean cruises. It is the second ship in the Quantum Ultra class and offers a combination of 12 completely new experiences as well as others already known ".

During the pause in operations they have worked hard to open the #SoyAgenteRoyal community to strengthen their bond with the members of the trade, what is your reflection on what they have achieved?
“Travel agents are a very important pillar for our industry and especially for Royal Caribbean. We wanted to do something totally different with new tools, spaces and a way to connect with all travel agents on another level. The website reaffirms the commitment to facilitate and provide relevant tools." 

Beyond the circumstances and based on your great experience, what is your perspective for 2022?  
"We are very optimistic to quickly return to pre-pandemic levels of operation and occupancy, we are seeing enormous interest in our routes and we can look forward to the future with optimism."


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