IATA Travel Pass is imposed in Latin America with leading airlines

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IATA Travel Pass is imposed in Latin America with leading airlines
Source: Twitter @IATA
Wed June 16, 2021

Copa, Avianca, Latam and Aeroméxico have announced their support for the application in search of regional aviation without restrictions

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced its Travel Pass at the end of last year, since then it has run a marathon of negotiations with both governments and airlines. It is worth remembering that it is a digital health pass whose objective is to achieve the safe reopening of the borders.
Governments have started to use the tests as a measure to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 importation when reopening their borders to travelers and as an alternative to quarantine measures. It is an instrument that allows to verify in a safe way the veracity of the tests and the vaccination registry between governments, airlines, laboratories and travelers.
IATA insists on the need for the application of systematic COVID-19 tests to all international travelers and the support of a communication infrastructure in accordance with the following requirements:

• Governments: they must have means capable of verifying the authenticity of the tests and the identity of those who present the certificates of said tests.
• Airlines: they must provide accurate information to their passengers about the testing requirements and verify that each passenger meets the requirements to travel.
• Laboratories: they must be able to issue digital certificates accepted by governments to passengers.
• Travelers: they must ensure that they have the necessary information on the requirements of the tests, where they can take them or be vaccinated and have the appropriate means to safely send the relevant information to the airlines and border authorities.

Latin America still does not live within its territories different types of restrictions for aviation at the regional level and even certain countries still have their borders closed. For this reason, IATA have been insisting on the possibility of using the application in order to alleviate the situation. The kickoff was given by the Government of Panama together with Copa Airlines on February 3 of this year. The Central American country and the airline have been testing IATA Travelpass with good results. So much so that Avianca later joined and in recent days Latam and Aeroméxico joined. With this scenario, the International Air Transport Association sets precedents to direct other negotiations with other companies that move a lot of traffic at a regional and domestic level in each country.

“It is essential to have reliable and secure solutions for the verification of health credentials that meet government requirements, restore consumer confidence and achieve a sustainable recovery of the sector. The IATA Travel Pass assures governments that passengers comply with health requirements, streamlines migration processes and simplifies the experience for travelers. This will allow aviation to reconnect the world's economies, ”said Peter Cerdá, IATA Regional Vice President for the Americas.

According to the IATA report presented on June 9, the international demand for April fell by 87.3% compared to April 2019, barely unchanged compared to the 87.8% drop in March 2021 (compared to March 2021). 2019).
Global domestic demand contracted by 25.7% compared to pre-crisis levels (April 2019), a significant improvement compared to March 2021, when performance contracted by 31.6% compared to March 2019 data. Continuing With the March trend, all markets except Brazil and India showed improvements compared to March 2021. China and Russia registered growth compared to pre-crisis levels. 
Latin American airlines experienced a drop of 81.1% in April 2021 compared to April 2019, a slight improvement compared to the drop in March of 82.1% (compared to March 2019). April capacity fell 75.8% and load factor fell 18.0 percentage points to 64.6%, the best global figure for the seventh consecutive month.

“The continued strong recovery in domestic markets reveals that when people have the freedom to fly, they take advantage of it. Unfortunately, that freedom does not yet exist in most international markets. When it arrives, I am confident that we will see a similar recovery in international demand, ”said Willie Walsh, IATA Director General.


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