Yucatán confirms the reactivation of tourism with promising data

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Yucatán confirms the reactivation of tourism with promising data
Michelle Fridman
Source: Travel2latam
June 21, 2021

To learn about the news of one of the most thriving Mexican destinations, we interviewed its Secretary of Tourism Michelle Fridman

With magnificent archaeological sites, historical viceroy cities, attractive natural resources such as cenotes and caves, a vast cultural heritage expressed in our music, dance and gastronomy, as well as the great value of the uses and customs of our Mayan communities; Yucatán is a tourist destination capable of offering visitors unique experiences. With differentiated tourism products, quality services and the generosity of its people, Yucatán begins to accelerate the recovery of its tourism industry. To find out about the news, we have exclusively interviewed his Secretary of Tourism Michelle Fridman. We share the report below:

In general terms, how do you rate the reopening?
"We started in September 2020 with a gradual reactivation taking into account people's health, in that sense we have implemented different measures and protocols. Currently 90% is open and we are on the way to reach a normal operation."

How is the infrastructure located?
"Since 2019 we have received many investments, we are a very safe state and beyond the pandemic, we have provided investors with the best conditions so that our destination continues to grow."

How is the planning in the short, medium and long term?
"We have implemented a 4-phase plan, the first protected health by closing the offer, the second has been to work on the survival of the sector, the third has been the reopening with a weekly scheme in balance with the pandemic and the fourth is the recovery end of our industry. " 

How is connectivity found?
"Our main objective is to recover the pre-pandemic levels, we already have 80% of domestic flights and 100% of international ones, we even have new routes that allow us to continue growing. 
We also have great faith in the recovery of cruise operations."

What are the key source markets?
"It starts in the USA, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and we have also been growing in Latin America, for example, in Colombia and some countries in Central America."

Outside of the airlines that have already been operating, are others arriving?
"The intention is to continue offering the destination and continue negotiating so that more tourists can arrive." 

How do you see the MICE segment, weddings, adventures, etc?
"Until the pandemic, we had been growing in all the niches with greater infrastructure, but the reality today is very different and the reactivation is uneven.
" "We are seeing the meeting industry reborn with new formats and we have been preparing to offer total security. The face-to-face Tourist Tianguis is back and many others will begin to take place as well. "

Within Yucatán, what are the outstanding attractions?
"We have decentralized our destinations so that our 106 municipalities have better opportunities with 4 magical towns, almost 400 kilometers of beach, more than 3,600 cenotes, 19 archaeological zones, etc."

How is the task for new markets such as China, India and Middle Eastern countries?
"Before Covid-19 we had been holding meetings, but today the priority is our key source markets."

How do you manage the resources for the promotion of the destination?
"With the elimination of the Tourism Promotion Council, we have the challenge of being efficient and creative in order to spread the word to Yucatán with a limited budget."

What role does it play in this transformation?
"We have worked on the digitization of many processes and training that today allows us to be at the forefront at the regional level."

What is the expectation with the Mayan Train?
"We are the heart of the Mundo Maya, therefore, it will go through our destinies and we have great expectations of this project of such great scope."

What is your message for tourism professionals?
"Many believe that we are part of Quintana Roo, but it is not like that. We are a wonderful state with a millenary culture, we invite tourists to visit our destinations in complete tranquility because they will be surprised with a diverse and safe offer".
"We also want to invite you to the Tianguis Turístico that will be in person and an icon of the rebirth of our activity."


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