Marriott presents new gastronomic proposals in Peru and Colombia

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Marriott presents new gastronomic proposals in Peru and Colombia
Source: Marriott International
Fri July 02, 2021

W Bogota inaugurated Jairo, a restaurant that elevates the local ingredients of Colombian cuisine. In Lima, Mariva Cantina Moderna at the Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Center offers traditional dishes and other novelties

Marriott International hotels are proud to present their new gastronomic proposals, created especially to bring travelers closer to the culture of each country through the best of local cuisine. 

Aligned to one of the food and beverage trends that is gaining strength in the region, the new restaurants are committed to the local, to praise local ingredients through traditional recipes from each country with a differentiated touch, so that they offer diners a gastronomic experience that welcomes them to the destination they visit, in the case of foreigners, or embraces their roots, in the case of the local public. 

According to TripAdvisor in 2019, food and wine experiences were the ones that grew the most worldwide - 47% -.

Aware of this panorama and that through the palate one can also discover and connect with a destination, the W Bogota, in Colombia, recently opened Jairo, while the Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Center, in Peru, opened Mariva Cantina Moderna. 

On your next visit to the Colombian capital, don't miss the opportunity to visit Jairo, the restaurant that W Bogota recently opened. Jairo, whose name is a tribute to the national farmer, offers a variety of dishes based on fresh ingredients and indigenous flavors through traditional recipes reinterpreted by Sneider Molina, hotel chef, in collaboration with Iván Cadenas, Colombian chef.

The honeyed rice with pork belly with tucupí, peanuts and fresh and pickled cucumbers, black bean ravioli, and posta negra with peasant beans and ginger rice, are some of the dishes that diners will be able to savor at Jairo. The proposal is complemented by a selection of desserts –in which the chocolate soup and the cheese crunch stand out, among others– and low proof cocktails, that is, they are low in alcohol. 

In Lima, Peru, the novelty is Mariva Cantina Moderna, which opened its doors at the Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center. The location of the hotel in the Historic Center of the city and the concept of the restaurant –focused on offering the best of Peruvian cuisine– make it an unmissable experience in Lima to connect with the history and culture of Peru. 

The culinary offer of Mariva Cantina Moderna is varied, the diner will be able to find from the classics of traditional Peruvian cuisine such as ceviche and lomo saltado, the reinterpretation of dishes and new combinations with local ingredients in avant-garde proposals of chef Bedoya, to enjoy well be it at breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

“Mariva Cantina Moderna seeks to honor the culinary roots of Peru, presenting a wide selection of signature dishes, based on local ingredients such as the Mariva potato, an ancient tuber that gives the restaurant its name and is the star of some dishes. The work of sharing the Peruvian ancestral culture and the work of our farmers is the challenge that the restaurant takes on with honor and pride ”, said Bedoya. 

Parallel to the dishes, Mariva Cantina Moderna offers cocktails, such as Suspira Limeña, Mariva Sour and the traditional Pisco Sour, among others.  

Both Mariva Cantina Moderna in Lima and Jairo in Bogotá operate under the protocols established by the health authorities of each country as well as the Marriott International Commitment to Cleanliness guidelines.


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