MSC Seashore will present an innovative combination of entertainment

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MSC Seashore will present an innovative combination of entertainment
Source: MSC Cruceros
Tue July 13, 2021

The ship will offer guests a renewed and varied entertainment program from morning to night

The next MSC Cruises flagship, the MSC Seashore, will offer an innovative variety of entertainment, from French retro-chic to elegant space-age style, the entertainment venues on board MSC Seashore immerse guests in a series of excitingly different universes, powered by the latest technology for fantastically fun experiences. The options are endless aboard this new ship from the 1,200-seat Madison Theater, magnificent aft salon and vibrant public areas that easily transform into a pop-up stage in the heart of the action.

MSC Cruises will offer guests a renewed and varied entertainment program from morning to night with a wide range of activities, games and events to live music throughout the ship and large-scale theatrical shows. With 16 hours of daily entertainment, including activities on board, the main shows, and more than 300 different activities to choose from, this varied offer will satisfy the preferences of all guests of different ages.

All inflight entertainment for our adult guests is designed and developed in-house for greater freedom and a creative vision tailored specifically to them. With the new exclusive features of the MSC Seashore, here are some of the highlights of the extensive offer on board:

The Chic "Le cabaret rouge"
The MSC Seashore will feature a new aft lounge to enjoy impressive performances and drinks of all flavors. Inspired by the French cabaret salons of the 1920s, the aft saloon with its innovative design spans 2 decks near the sea and offers magnificent views through its splendid glass walls. With 400 seats, this multifunctional space can be perfectly used from cocktail hour with live music, as well as for a great party as the night progresses.
Paris is full of exciting nightlife and incredible museums, which is why at Le Cabaret Rouge, every night we celebrate the greatest artists of all time and their works of art. Music, dance, cocktails and art come together in 6 nights of different festivities on board MSC Seashore. Each night, the hall will pay tribute to different artists beloved in history, which are combined with sensational performances that provide guests with a different experience each night. Between live band performances and pop-up performances, the hall will feature an original production that is a feast for the eyes, featuring aerialists, dancers, singers and musicians all in one breathtaking spectacle.
With 6 nights of festivities, guests will discover a space where music, dance, cocktails and art come together, having fun each night with a tribute to different beloved artists. Between DJ sessions and pop-up performances, the hall will feature an original show that is a feast for the eyes, with acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians all in one breathtaking show. The 6 programs are as follows:

• Monet's Soirée - a live band and performers will feature some of Claude Monet's best works with hits from Coldplay, Vitamin String Quartet, Maroon 5, U2 and more, as guests enjoy a unique drink and dance the whole night.

• Picasso's Nightclub - Tonight, Pablo Picasso's famous "Blue Period" will inspire a colorful night of hits with the band taking center stage. Le Cabaret Rouge will feature chart toppers from greats like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Carole King, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder.

• Women in Art night will be a rock concert inspired by icons like Frida Kahlo, Whitney Houston, Georgia O'Keeffe, Adele and Lady Gaga, and even the Mona Lisa will stop to dance and attract guests to her feet! celebrating and singing with all his heart!

• Paris Spectacular de Toulouse-Lautrec will present the quintessential French Can-Can girls who will bring incredible choreography to this exciting and romantic evening, set against the backdrop of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's famous artwork .

• The contemporary collection will present a fun party with a soundtrack from a few decades ago. The DJ will spin the most iconic hits that set the stage for these world-renowned contemporary masterpieces as they “emerge” from the canvas.

• And finally, A Starry Night with Van Gogh will bring music and dance along with aerial artists who will fly above the starry skies of Vincent Van Gogh's artwork.

New York City Style
Not only has the MSC Seashore been designed to bring guests closer to the sea, it also pays tribute to New York City, which as a destination embodies the spirit of discovery and cultural experiences that are at the center of the experience of travelers. MSC Cruises guests. As such, the design features, public areas, and place names are inspired by the metropolitan U.S.A. These include an imposing 4-meter-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty in the heart of the casino and a redesigned shopping and entertainment area, aptly named "Times Square." The main feature of this new area is an impressive 8 LED wall.
Leaving theater guests and curious travelers will encounter a new scene each night in Times Square. With pianos found at the lowest level, top hits, folk ballads, and unforgettable hymns, guests will be encouraged to sing along! Each night of the cruise, the music will have a theme from a different era, from jukebox favorites, disco music, and classic rock, to the 1980s and present-day hits. The New York atmosphere will light up the night as guests join the countdown to watch a New Year's Eve-inspired ball drop into a different decade each night!

Large-Scale Theater Productions
Each night of the cruise, the 1,200-seat Madison Theater will host 4 new and original large-scale theater productions, with 3 performances per night, featuring live music, incredible costumes and engaging worlds for guests they will be happy to dive into them.
2 of the shows will feature melee acrobats and contortionists and an aerialist: Fantasy Woods will transport guests into the forest to discover the mysteries between enchantment and magic, while Gravity will explore skill and dexterity on the planet Gravity, a amazing virtual world.
Coast to Coast is a musical spectacle with powerful dancers and singers, following the path of music, on a coast-to-coast journey across the United States of America.


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