Panama receives recognition for its commitment to the conservation of the oceans

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Panama receives recognition for its commitment to the conservation of the oceans
Source: Twitter @VisitPanama
Wed July 14, 2021

The Central American country has been named "Blue Leader" thanks to its conservation efforts by the World Ocean Alliance "30x30" 

Panama has reinforced its commitment to ocean conservation by in effect signing a decree that expands the limits of the protected marine territory of the Coiba Cordillera Managed Resources Area (ARMCC). This initiative is part of the 30x30 World Ocean Alliance, which seeks to expand protected marine territories by 30% by 2030. The expansion of this protected territory increases the country's marine protected area by 30%, positioning Panama as a global "Blue Leader" in conservation. 

The Cordillera de Coiba, a protected area since 2015, is a chain of underwater mountains considered exceptional geological formations with great biodiversity, near the Coiba National Park. Travelers can experience the marine and natural wonders of the area at Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the many ocean wonders within the Blue Heritage of Panama. Access to the island of Coiba, once a penal colony, was historically limited, allowing 80% of the archipelago's natural resources and fauna to survive intact and flourish over the years. Sharing the marine corridor with the Galapagos Islands, the park is now a world-class whale watching and diving destination offering access to the Damas Bay Reef, 

"The Coiba region is a true jewel of our natural heritage, and this is another fundamental step in protecting Panama's extraordinary biodiversity, which continues to attract scientists, researchers and adventurers to Panama," said Iván Eskildsen, Minister of Tourism from Panama. "Expanding the protection of its marine ecosystems demonstrates our country's collaborative effort to achieve a positive global impact as a leader in conserving the environment and ensuring that many generations can enjoy it in the future."  

Scuba diving in the Coiba Marine Park offers visitors the opportunity to see an incredible variety of species, from manta rays to hammerhead sharks, and even whale sharks, during certain times of the year. Off the northeast coast of Coiba Island, visitors will find Granito de Oro, a small island known as a perfect spot for snorkellers who wish to experience the marine magic of Coiba. The unique structure of the small island preserves a pristine white sand beach. Create a reef that is home to countless species, including eels, sea turtles, and many kinds of colorful fish that captivate even expert divers. 

The tropical jungle of the island of Coiba is also one of the main destinations in Panama for bird watching. The island is home to some 147 species, including endemic subspecies such as the Coiba's thorntail and the brown-backed pigeon. It is the only place in the country with a thriving population of scarlet macaws. 

Panama's participation in the 30x30 World Ocean Alliance and anticipating the 2030 goal, supports the country's Tourism, Conservation and Research (TCI) strategy. In addition, it will further contribute to the development of the destination's heritage routes, which were launched as part of Panama's Sustainable Tourism Master Plan. A network of circuits that highlight the unique richness and diversity of Panama's natural and cultural heritage, the routes focus on three fundamental areas: Cultural Heritage (multifaceted culture), Green Heritage (extraordinary biodiversity) and Blue Heritage (wonders of the ocean). 


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