According to Sectur, aviation is a key element in the productive chain of Mexican tourism

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According to Sectur, aviation is a key element in the productive chain of Mexican tourism
Source: Sectur
Fri July 16, 2021

The Secretary of Tourism indicated that it represents 43.6% of the international tourist flow that travels to the country

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, assured that there are many events that aviation has experienced in its history and that today they support our air activity and the economic development of the country.

When participating in the inauguration of the Ordinary Commemorative General Assembly of the LXXIV Anniversary of the Colegio de Pilotos Aviadores de México, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) affirmed that the aviation industry has become a key element in the production chain of tourism, representing 43.6 percent of the international tourist flow that travels to Mexico.

He indicated that with the advances in technology, air transport is an effective, comfortable and safe means that shortens distances and times between cities, countries and continents, impacting the growth and development of nations.

Therefore, he assured that aviation in Mexico currently contributes 1,955 million dollars to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and generates almost 35,000 jobs.

Secretary Torruco Marqués commented that to date there is an airport network made up of 76 airports: 56 international and 20 national, operating 1,765 origin-destination routes, of which 143 allow us connectivity with 27 nations of the world.

He also highlighted that the country's air activity will be reinforced with the infrastructure project of the Metropolitan Airport System, which includes three international airports: Mexico City, “General Felipe Ángeles” and Toluca.

He added that Mexico is on the way to recovering its tourism industry, since this year the arrival of 26 million 800 thousand international tourists is expected, with an economic spill of twelve thousand 200 million dollars; and an average annual hotel occupancy of 43.7 percent.

He reported that from September to December an offer of just over 9 million 715 thousand international seats is estimated to our country, of which 80.5 percent correspond to North America; 10.7 percent to the Caribbean, Central and South America; 8.2 percent to Europe; and 0.6 percent to Asia.

“For this reason, aviation and tourism are an inseparable pair, whose ties will strengthen over the years. Both sectors must look ahead and face the challenges imposed by the new reality with talent and creativity, ”he said.

Congratulating the members of the Board of Directors and Commissions of the Colegio de Pilotos Aviadores de México who finished their term, the head of Sectur also wished the best to those who assumed this commitment and responsibility for the 2021-2023 biennium.

Also present at the event were Heriberto Salazar Eguiluz, president of the Colegio de Pilotos Aviadores of Mexico; Carlos Villazón Salem, CEO of the Mexico City Airport Group; José Vega Rivera, commander of the Mexican Air Force; Guillermo Macías Avitia, Deputy General Director of Air Safety; Carlos Rodríguez Mungía, general director of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency; Rosendo Márquez Díaz, General Coordinator of Naval Aeronautics of the Secretariat of the Navy; and César Tapia Jiménez, president of the Famex 2021 Organizing Committee.

Also in attendance were Martín Díaz Covarrubias, general secretary of the Trade Union Association of Airmen Pilots of Mexico; José Gual Ángeles, general secretary-elect of the Union Association of Pilots Aviators of Mexico; Jesús Navarro Parada, president of the College of Mexican Aeronautical Engineers; Eduardo Andrade Sánchez, general director of Professions of the Secretariat of Public Education; Luis Rojas Bolaños Cacho, vice president of the College of Airmen Pilots of Mexico; as well as Luis Medina Miranda, president of the College of Air Traffic Controllers of Mexico.


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