High expectations with the movement of passengers during July in Brazil

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High expectations with the movement of passengers during July in Brazil
Source: GRU Airport
Mon July 19, 2021

Airports and airlines expect an increase of up to 280% for this month

After good results in recent months, Brazilian airlines plan to expand their operations in Brazil. Azul, Gol and Latam, the largest currently in operation, announced their expectations for July. The first company, for example, said it would operate 50 new routes during the winter season. Gol will expand its operating capacity by up to 80% over the next three months. Latam inaugurates 10 new routes in July and will expand daily flights by 34% in the same month.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, the growth in the number of operating companies is due to the increase in the number of people vaccinated in the country. “This is a reflection of the expansion of vaccination in our country, allowed by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro. We have been working day and night to bring our sector back to levels even better than previously recorded, ”he highlighted.

The increase in the number of flights directly reflects the movement of passengers in the country's airports. The terminals of the Infraero Network, for example, should receive around 3.5 million travelers during the month of July. According to them, the figure represents a 284% increase compared to the same period last year, when more than 900,000 people boarded and disembarked at the company's terminals, which includes terminals such as Congonhas (SP) and Santos Dumont (RJ) .

In Brasilia (DF), Inframerica, the concessionaire of the federal capital airport, estimates a 270% increase in passenger flow. In total, 950,000 travelers must pass through the terminal before the end of the month. In Alagoas, in just one weekend, more than 6,100 passengers passed through the place. In Belo Horizonte, the terminal provided 322 additional flights, for a total of 5,000 flights, 20% more compared to June. The expectation is that 35 thousand passengers will pass through the Minas Gerais airport.

Responsible tourism
The Ministry of Tourism recommends a series of measures to travel safely, through the “Responsible Tourism” Seal, an initiative that establishes good biosafety practices for 15 activities in the sector. The measure defines specific protocols for the prevention of Covid-19 and seeks to help in the safe resumption of activities for both tourists and workers. The Seal is available for lodging facilities, theme parks, restaurants, cafes, bars, convention centers, fairs, exhibitions, tourist guides, among others, and can be obtained free of charge and through the website.


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