Peru continues to recover its connectivity

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Peru continues to recover its connectivity
Tue July 20, 2021

Panama-Chiclayo flight restarts. The route operated by Copa Airlines had been suspended in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

As a sign of the gradual and responsible reactivation of the tourism sector in our country, the airline Copa Airlines today restarted the operations of the non-stop flight that connects Panama with Chiclayo (Lambayeque), after being suspended in March of last year as a result of COVID- 19.
The flight lasts about 2:40 hours, and will be operated on Tuesdays and Fridays during the morning. As is known, the international air terminal of Tocumen in Panama is an important international hub, which will allow travelers from different parts of the globe to reach the northern macro-region of Peru, to enjoy our main tourist attractions, our renowned gastronomy or generate business.
Lambayeque received the Safe Travels seal in mid-June, thanks to the articulated work between the public and private sectors to guarantee travelers that the region complies with biosafety protocols. The destinations that received this international distinction belong to the Sipán Circuit, the Sicán-Bosques y Pirámides de Lambayeque Route, the Chaparrí Circuit, the Zaña Circuit and the Pimentel dock.

International promotion
Peru and Panama maintain excellent bilateral relations. Thanks to a commercial agreement in force since 2012, it has been possible to generate business opportunities, investments and create jobs, being the agricultural, chemical and metal-mechanic sectors those that have the greatest dynamism.
In that sense, Peru's promotional actions in this important market have not stopped. As it is recalled, in March 2019 the exhibition 'Sipán: Mystery and Splendor in the north of Peru' was held, which exhibited replicas of 54 pieces (jewelry and ornaments), six mannequins and four funerary cabins corresponding to the Tomb of the Lord of Sipán in the Tocumen air terminal and in the Albrook Mall, the largest shopping center in the Caribbean country.
Likewise, PROMPERÚ has a commercial office in Panama, which allows to amplify business opportunities between both countries.

International hub
In pre-ndemic times, Tocumen airport was one of the most important air terminals in Latin America due to the number of destinations and traffic mobilized. It handled up to 15 million passengers per year and operated flights to and from more than 90 cities in America and Europe.


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