Mexico keep expectations high for summer vacations

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Mexico keep expectations high for summer vacations
Source: Twitter @AICM_mx
Wed July 21, 2021

The Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués reiterated that in a conservative scenario the arrival of twenty million 200 thousand tourists is expected

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, affirmed that for the current summer holiday season, which has already begun, the hotel occupancy percentages are expected to increase significantly compared to the same period last year.

He reiterated that the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) elaborated the probable expectations for this rest period, with three feasible scenarios: Optimistic (a), Conservative (b) and Pessimistic (c), where the Conservative projects the arrival of twenty million 200 thousand tourists, which would represent a recovery of 178 percent, since in 2020 seven million 400 thousand tourists arrived in that same period that covers the months of July and August.

Likewise, it foresees an economic spill for lodging of 49 thousand 39 million pesos, 48.5 percent more than in 2020; and an average hotel occupancy of 52.2 percent, equivalent to 36 percentage points more than the previous summer.

Secretary Torruco Marqués pointed out that these expectations made by Sectur are joined by the recent report released by the international consulting firm ForwardKeys, which states that between July and September of this year the flow of travelers to our country will increase.

ForwardKeys indicates that during the summer of 2021 Mexico is expected to achieve a better position among international tourist destinations.

With timely information regarding the sale of plane tickets between January 1 and June 23, 2021, the consultancy firm predicts that this summer holiday season our country will receive 31.9 percent more international tourists by air, compared to the same period. of 2019, highlighting the composition of its main source markets: from the United States a 30.4 percent more, while from Spain an increase of 27.6 percent is calculated, from Switzerland a 21.3 percent, and from France a 5.2 percent.

Additionally, it emphasizes that from the ticket sales made for the third quarter of 2021, a growth of 31.9 percent is calculated for the market from the United States to Mexico, with respect to the same period of 2019, where the most requested destinations were Puerto Vallarta, with more than 68.5 percent; San José del Cabo, with an increase of 54 percent; and Cancun, with 52.8 percent more, in the same period.

Finally, the head of Sectur specified that among the main factors that explain these results, the consulting firm highlights, in the case of our country, fewer travel restrictions, good progress with the deployment of vaccination, as well as the restoration of part of the capacity from Mexico.


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