MSC Cruises to offer new options for family vacations aboard MSC Seashore

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MSC Cruises to offer new options for family vacations aboard MSC Seashore
Source: MSC Cruceros
Wed July 21, 2021

The company's new flagship to enter service on August 1, 2021 includes innovative entertainment experiences for children

MSC Cruises today released details of a completely redesigned children's area, as well as a completely new line of children's entertainment on board MSC Seashore, the company's new flagship that will enter service on August 1, 2021. The MSC Seashore is much more than just a revamped version of the original iconic prototype, 65% of the new flagship's public spaces have been completely redesigned to further enrich the onboard experience, and the children's area is no exception. With a host of impressive new activities dedicated to children of all ages, parents can relax by leaving their children in the care of the experienced MSC Cruises kids club staff.

As a family business, a key element of the MSC Cruises vacation experience is always providing a fun and enriching vacation for families. “We constantly develop new, exciting and attractive activities to provide our families with the best entertainment. For MSC Seashore, we have taken family entertainment to a whole new level to please and delight children of all ages, ”said Matteo Mancini, MSC Cruises Children's Entertainment Manager. “Our goal is to ensure that our youngest guests have the best time of their life during their vacations, not only with a completely redesigned space especially for them, which is the largest in our fleet, but also with a set of activities for even more exciting new adventures. Our secret is to listen to future generations and design the program according to their up-to-date interests and requirements. In this way, we will always be one step ahead with the ideal option for them, not only in the cruise industry but in the entire international vacation offer ”.

Children's clubs are available for the little ones to clubs for teenagers and the activities are organized according to age group:

- Baby Club, specially designed for babies, in association with Chicco®: for young children up to 3 years old, with qualified crew members.

- For the little ones: Mini Club and Juniors Club (3-11 years old).

- For older children: Young Club and Teen's Club (12-17 years old), including the new TEENS LAB, a modern, fully immersive, technology-filled space for teens only.

  1. The largest and completely redesigned "Doremiland" playground in the fleet.
    With 703m 2 of dedicated space for children and redesigned environments, the children's area on board MSC Seashore offers an unrivaled experience. From the décor, the design colors and the themes of the areas, the MSC Seashore Kids Club will give all children the opportunity to reach for the stars, thanks to a new futuristic theme, dedicated to space and planetary exploration.

• The MSC Seashore children's area has 6 themed environments specially designed for children and young people. The theme of space was chosen as it is a favorite among all young guests sailing on MSC Cruises ships. When children enter a futuristic area full of planets, fluorescent colors and technology, they will be transported to a whole new dimension and will be greeted by MSC Cruises mascot, Doremi, and his family of astronauts and aliens from the other planets.

• The Studio: Located near the entrance of the children's area, this new modern and multifunctional space offers multiple opportunities to please young media lovers, including a cinema, a live TV studio and a console room for “ gamers ”. Some of the characteristics of the studio are: an impressive selection of video games, state-of-the-art consoles, a space dedicated to watching movies like in the cinema: 2 special nights dedicated to movie night, one planned for children and another only for teenagers, guests can also create their own original content.

  1. New activities designed for children of all ages.

MSC Cruises has designed new activities for the whole family: with 98 hours of live entertainment per cruise, there is something new and exciting for parents and children to enjoy their time together!

Some of these are:

• TLS teens late show - For the first time, young guests and teens will be cast in a true “Late Show” dedicated just to them. Hosted at "The Studio" from 10:30 pm to 11 pm, MSC Seashore will host a weekly teen night featuring popular late show features: trending, music charts, guest stars, TV series, games, awards, and much more. The young people will be interviewed by the host of the evening, they will talk about their lives and role models, they will play as a team and some of them will even perform live. Thanks to the TLS TEENS LATE SHOW, they'll get to know each other even better, plus they'll be able to win prizes just to make them feel like the stars of the cruise.

• MSC music game - an original MSC live game show featuring the whole family. Created in collaboration with Jumpcut Media, this is a must-see game show dedicated to music and suitable for all ages. Celebrating the day at sea, in the MSC Seashore theater, children and parents can play together. 2 teams, one against the other, time running out and songs, singers and soundtracks to guess in a duel that will thrill. Only one team will be the winner, but all will be able to participate in the grand final match that will allow few to win original MSC prizes.

• Doremiland, the documentary: Over the past 5 years, MSC Cruises entertainment for children and families has become a world of its own. With international awards, thousands of hours of fun and family activities, costumes, mascots, web series, cartoons, contests, technology, sports and art make up the world of Doremi, better known as "Doremiland". For the first time ever, the documentary will reveal behind the scenes, chronicle successes and answer many questions from hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents, who have traveled with the Company in recent years or will do so in the future.

• Youth and Teen Club: In recent years, the number of young people and teenagers on board MSC ships has increased dramatically, with guests aged 12-17 making up 42% of the youngest on board. MSC Cruises has taken into account the needs of teenagers to have even more fun and disconnect from the rest of the family. Therefore, teenagers will have the comfort of 2 exclusive areas while enjoying that feeling of freedom, they will be able to use a separate entrance and their own space for fun and technology.

  1. Everything prepared for an unforgettable experience for the whole family

MSC Seashore also represents the return of some of the classic entertainment loved by children of all ages. Some of them are:

• Cabin 12006 - THE EXPERIENCE: The original MSC “Cabin 12006” series and its onboard experience are a world apart in numbers and fun. “Cabin 12006” is now also a live entertainment experience, with 7 different activities including a family game show and a casting session with performances. The web series, with more than 4 million views and 2 million web interactions, has been written and filmed in collaboration with ViacomCBS, the media group behind the Nickelodeon children's channel, to develop original, authentic and unique web content. high quality for kids.

• MSC dance crew - Developed in association with Fremantle, the production company behind globally successful television talent shows including the Idols, The X Factor and Got Talent series, this new onboard experience will have teams of 10 to 17 years competing to win the dance team of the year title.

• MSC fire & ice: a live augmented reality game for the whole family consisting of 2 fierce teams: Fire & Ice. Only those who collect the most cards will be able to open the magical doors that lead to victory.

• Dorebro sports: the acclaimed and exclusive sports program for children designed by Kings Active for MSC Cruises is now also available on board MSC Seashore and will include the beloved family event "Cyclone".

• Chicco eco +: MSC Cruises is pleased to welcome the Artsana group's new line of toys "Chicco Eco +" with a collection of new and existing items with a sustainable approach. The entire line of Babyclub toys will be made with 80% recycled plastic or 67% organic and recycled plastic. The packaging will be made with paper from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, being fully recyclable.

• Junior Ambassadors of the MSC Foundation: Thanks to the MSC Foundation, the MSC Group is committed to providing our young guests on board with tools to understand projects such as Environment, Education and Community Support, making them the center of activities dedicated to the environment. These Junior Ambassadors of the Foundation share the voices of the new generations to live in a better world.

MSC Cruises has introduced an industry leading health and safety protocol and specific measures are currently in place for family activities. These include temperature controls, hand and shoe disinfection, masks for children over 6 years of age and a limited number for group activities, as well as disinfection and deep cleaning of the kids' club equipment and rooms.


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