Guatemala continues to enhance the positioning of destinations

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Guatemala continues to enhance the positioning of destinations
source: INGUAT
August 02, 2021

The Huehuetenango Tourist Self-Management Committee presents its tourism brand 

In an activity carried out in a hybrid mode, members of the Huehuetenango Tourist Self-Management Committee, CATUHUE, which brings together entrepreneurs and local actors from the tourism sector, together with government authorities and with the virtual participation of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute, the tourism brand was presented "Huehuetenango".

For Marcos Antil, creator of the brand, it is a moving image, which plays with the diversity that unites the mountains, rivers, cenotes and humanity that flow between the stories, roads and the sky of Huehuetenango, as one of the Guatemala's most biodiverse, multicultural and vast departments in the region. It is a brand that breathes the identity of its inhabitants and invites you to explore and get involved with the essence of “Huehue”.

The general director of INGUAT, Mynor Cordón pointed out “For the INGUAT it is of great importance to support in the diffusion of the tourist identity of the department as a destination that keeps a great natural and cultural wealth; and that from this day on it has a brand created with its own values ​​that are born of people, to make itself known to the world and promote the tourist and service offer. " 

Huehuetenango is located in a tourist corridor that connects Guatemala with Mexico. It has natural and cultural attractions that are located throughout the department, such as: the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes, the Hoyo del Cimarrón, Laguna Brava, Laguna Magdalena, Cenotes de Candelaria, Río Lagartero, Río San Juan; and communities such as Todos Santos Cuchumatán, San Juan Atitán, Chiantla, among others.

The municipality of Huehuetenango, head of the department of the same name, shelters vestiges of the prehistoric period in the Ttzi'kab'b'e Paleontological Park. In addition, it is also the cradle of the Mayan Mam civilization, where the most important city is located in the archaeological center of Zaculeu dating from the post-classical era.

The development and management of the brand was developed with the direct participation of the organized tourism sector, community, municipal and government authorities, with the accompaniment of the office of regional delegations, the Product Development Directorate and the INGUAT Marketing Directorate , through a series of participatory workshops.

From the beginning, the need for a graphic image that identifies the department and motivates the visitor to mobilize to get to know its tourist attractions was raised by the different sectors. It will be used by all sectors involved in the development of tourism to promote, attract and associate Huehuetenango as a tourist destination and that the brand can be adapted to different formats, serving as a symbol for the dissemination and contextualization of the values ​​of the department and its municipalities prioritized in the Tourism Development Plan.

It is important to mention that during 2020, INGUAT, with the support of USAID, developed the Tourism Development Plan of the Municipality of Huehuetenango 2021-2031 with the mission of “Implement actions in the short, medium and long term, in partnership with the stakeholders key locations, in order to develop a clean, orderly, charming and safe city that preserves and values ​​customs and traditions for the well-being and enjoyment of its inhabitants, and that as a dignified host city attracts resident and non-resident visitors in the country".


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