Guatemala leads regional tourism integration with a commitment to regional connectivity

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Guatemala leads regional tourism integration with a commitment to regional connectivity
Mynor Cordón, INGUAT
Source: INGUAT
August 10, 2021

Ministers of Tourism and Presidents of the Chambers of Tourism of Central America and the Dominican Republic held the LXIV Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of CATA

The meeting was held under the leadership of Guatemala, a country that holds the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Tourism Council (CCT), and thus leads the actions promoted by the CATA Board of Directors.

In this sense, the Minister of Tourism of Guatemala Mynor Cordón indicated “We know that the promotion of multi-destination at this time is fundamental, above all, in the search for the recovery and transformation of the tourism sector. We will continue with specific campaigns for the positioning of the 8 destinations in the region, as well as the celebration of the Bicentennial, which contributes to the common goal of promoting ties of brotherhood and Central American identity. 

During this period, Guatemala will also seek to enrich relations between the sectors that make up the tourism industry in Central America and the Dominican Republic, implementing promotional and marketing actions under the campaign: "Central America + Dominican Republic: The healthiest trip in the world", #JuntosSumamos para consolidate the integration of both universes.

On the other hand, in order to increase the competitiveness of destinations in the region, it will seek to strengthen strategic alliances with airlines operating in Central America to generate improvements in intra-regional connectivity and promotion. In addition, it is expected to continue with the strengthening of CATA's target markets, and the commitment to insertion in new markets.

At the end, the Tourism Authorities urged all sectors of the industry to continue working in an articulated manner so that tourism continues to advance towards recovery and in this way continue to provide sources of work and development opportunities for the countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic.


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