Colombia bets on cycling tourism

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Colombia bets on cycling tourism
Source: ProColombia
August 11, 2021

The country initiated a strategy to promote itself internationally and show itself to the world as an ideal destination for cycling

"Colombia: cycling to another level". With this message, the country begins a strong promotion of bicycle tourism at an international level to take advantage of all the potential and characteristics that foreign travelers seek, including biodiversity, being one of the best cycling training destinations in the world and the tourist offer specialized in this activity.

“Colombia has unique factors that make it very competitive for being a world-class destination for bicycle tourism. Our territory is the cradle of great cyclists who always leave the name of our country high. In addition, these types of experiences are in line with the new trends in tourism, as many travelers are in search of outdoor activities that connect them with nature and what better way than to live this in Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world per square meter. ”, Explained Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The strategy is made up of a large audiovisual production made up of four videos ( ).
The first is the main video that presents Colombia as an ideal destination for bicycle tourism. The remaining three zoom in on three of the areas recognized for the practice of this activity: the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, Antioquia (Eternal Spring) and the Coffee Region. The other regions will be integrated as this great long-term project progresses.
The above is complemented by 25 photographs and a practical guide ( with all the key information that a person who wants to travel Colombia by bicycle needs: data of interest of each region, offer of tour operators and specialized hotels, stores where you can find clothing for cyclists, among other relevant information.

“This strategy will take all our promotional spaces such as international tourism fairs, social networks and events specialized in cycling, in fact, in September we will have a presence at the Cycling World Cup in Belgium. We hope that this project will serve as a tool for businessmen, entities, unions and all other partners to promote Colombia as an ideal international tourist destination for bicycle tourism ”, added Santoro.

For his part, Matt Rendell, writer, journalist expert in cycling, editor of several books on this sport and, also, ally of this strategy explained: “Colombia is the only country that has invested in competitive cycling since the 1950s. This discipline has been the means by which Colombians have known their own country and have also managed to cross the borders to win international competitions since the 60s and 70s in America, and in the 80s in Europe. In the 90s and 2000s, Colombia returned stronger than ever: Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán, Esteban Chávez and Miguel Ángel López have accumulated 13 podiums in the great tours of Italy, France and Spain, and all this before Egan's victory Bernal at the Tour de France in 2019 ”.
The expert also promotes the country as a cycling destination from his profession, in fact, he is promoting his most recent book "Colombia is Passion: The Generation of Racing Cyclists Who Changed Their Nation and the Tour de France", which explores the lives and the dreams of each of the main Colombian cyclists.
In addition, Nick Perkins, a South African-British bicycle fan who has lived in Colombia for more than 20 years, is one of the protagonists of the strategy videos. According to him, “In Colombia you can take very interesting tours in which you can have incredible experiences. In addition, because the country is so large, today it has several highly developed means of transport to move between various regions and get to know them by bicycle. If someone wants to come, they can point to any region where they will surely find beauties, whatever they choose they will love ”.

Opportunities for Colombia

  • ProColombia has identified that the markets of Germany, Canada, the United States, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Ecuador are key to promoting this experience.
  • According to the World Tourism Organization and the Adventure Travel Association, ATTA, the interest of travelers in discovering destinations by bicycle is a trend in the United States and Europe. A two-wheeled trip lasts an average of 7 days.
  • Foreign tourists spend up to US $ 257 per day on two-wheelers. On average for seven days they are almost US $ 1,800, a figure that is above the average traveller's spending in Colombia. This trend has been further reinforced by Covid-19, which represents a greater opportunity for the reactivation of tourism.
  • The activity itself is in line with today's tourism biosecurity protocols, as it takes place outdoors and with distance.

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