Hilton Corferias invites you to visit Bogotá

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Hilton Corferias invites you to visit Bogotá
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August 12, 2021

This month the cultural and entertainment agenda of the Colombian capital makes it a great alternative to visit

When planning a trip, there are many elements that are taken into account, such as the gastronomic possibilities, the cultural destinations, the activities that the city offers.  
Bogotá is a great possibility thanks to the variety of options it offers, from ecological walks to rumba and good food. In particular, during the month of August, the capital of Colombia is the protagonist for different activities on its cultural agenda, including the traditional, elevated kite.  

A city that has it all 
And Bogotá has a wide variety of options for locals and visitors who want a moment of relaxation. Bogotá offers infinite options for those who want to do tourism. The city has more than 50 museums, approximately 5,000 parks, 22,000 restaurants, 20,000 active bars and approximately 30,000 hotel rooms, so it has a great variety of possibilities according to the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.     
Taking into account the above, in each of the towns in the city, it is possible to find different options for families, couples, friends and even for sightseeing alone.  

You don't have to leave the city to rest. 
Finding ideal spaces to rest in Bogotá is possible, a swimming pool, wet areas, a spa, these are options that can undoubtedly complement a day of relaxation in the capital.  
“Having rest spaces one step away from the house is one of the qualities that the city offers, since there is no need to take a plane or drive for hours to find a pool to enjoy with the family or a spa to achieve the expected relaxation. At Hilton Bogotá Corferias we have these options, to achieve that rest in a city that offers everything ”, explained John Freudenthaler, general manager of Hilton Bogotá Corferias.  

Gastronomic options everywhere 
The city is characterized by the great gastronomic variety it offers on every corner. From the renowned arepas and street empanadas, to gastronomy of international stature. “Bogotá has an incredible variety of foods and ingredients, as well as preparations and recipes that make it an ideal place to try world cuisine. In OKA grill House and in Bon Market and Bar, for example, it is possible to get from Colombian dough, to the best Italian pizzas and pastas, going through the most exquisite grill, having in our menus, the best liquors ", said Javier Cárcamo, Executive Chef of Hilton Bogotá Corferias.  

Cultural Agenda for August 
The month of August is characterized by being one of the busiest in the city of Bogotá, and despite the health emergency caused by COVID-19, this year the cultural agenda is not far behind. Activities and integrations in city parks for families, children and even pets organized by the IDRD.  

“We are aligned with these activities that Bogotá proposes during the month of August, therefore, we want to invite you every Saturday to our Latin brunch with the best flavors of the city. In addition, we have different activities during the week such as the Italian Rodizio, Spirits Buffet and After Brunch, special for all members of the family ”, concluded Freudenthaler.  


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