Copa and Promtur Panama will promote reactivation through the Panama Stopover

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Copa and Promtur Panama will promote reactivation through the Panama Stopover
Source: Twitter @tocumenaero
August 12, 2021

The initiative offers an incentive for thousands of passengers to include an extended stay in the country in their itinerary

Committed to promoting tourism and contributing to the economic reactivation of Panama, Copa Airlines and PROMTUR Panama announce the relaunch of the Panama Stopover program, which offers an incentive for the thousands of passengers who annually transit through the Hub of the Americas® in Panama via any COPA flight, include an extended stay in the country in your itinerary, at no additional cost in the airfare.

“The Panama Stopover is a sign of our commitment to promoting international tourism and highlighting the numerous tourist attractions and diverse cultural wealth of Panama for the travelers who annually transit through the Tocumen International Airport. The Hub of the Americas® offers extensive connectivity throughout the continent and, thanks to the efforts of the authorities and the tourism sector, Panama is prepared to receive those travelers interested in knowing the wonders that the country offers, ”said Pedro Heilbron, executive president of Copa Airlines. 

For his part, Fernando Fondevila, general director of PROMTUR Panama, indicated, “We are extremely pleased with the reactivation of this marketing and sales alliance with Copa through the Panama Stopover, focused immediately on the 9 cities in the United States that transit through Panama to South America. Within the framework of our purpose as an international marketing organization for the destination, strategic alliances with airlines are a fundamental tool that generates demand and international visits to Panama ”.

Through the campaign Two incredible destinations with much in common, the Panama Stopover program will initially be aimed at potential tourists from the main cities of the United States with the interest of traveling to a select number of countries in Central and South America, preferred destinations in Latin America by the Americans and with a tourist offer similar to that of Panama. The program can be included in the itinerary from or to any of the destinations in the 28 countries where Copa Airlines operates.

The general administrator of the ATP Iván Eskildsen, also referred to the impact of the program, stating that “This strategic alliance is a key piece for the reactivation of the sector and the economic recovery of the country, through the boost to the demand of tourists who will initially arrive in transit to our country but we are sure they will be captivated by the wonders of our natural and cultural heritages. Panama Stopover will allow to continue positioning the extraordinary richness and diversity of the natural and cultural heritage of Panama, as a unique destination in the region ”.

Copa Airlines, PROMTUR Panama and the ATP work together with the country's unions, hoteliers and tour operators to attract travelers in transit through the Hub of the Americas®, who will have the opportunity to stay in the country between one and up to seven days, depending on the option you choose. 

Originally launched at the end of 2019, the program was very well received and the expectation for this stage is not only to ensure that visitors stay a few nights in Panama, but that by living the experiences that the country offers them, their next trip will be with destination Panama.

The main tourist products promoted by Panama Stopover are the city, culture, nature, beaches and gastronomy, offering potential tourists a wide and attractive offer that can benefit the entire country.


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