The Best City Awards announces the winners of this edition

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The Best City Awards announces the winners of this edition
Source: Twitter @Iamsterdam
Tue August 17, 2021

The 10 best cities to visit have been Amsterdam, Bangkok, Rome, London, Zurich, Paris, New York, Chicago, Kailua Kona, Lijiang

The Best City Awards announced the 12 winners of the category. The American Urban Institute presented this award and partnered with Lansion Media, a data-driven market research firm, to produce the surveys, collecting data from people's votes for the top 10 cities in each category based on different factors. , like culture, cuisine. , friendliness, shopping and overall value. Below are the top 10 winners from the 12 categories.

Top 10 cities to visit: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Rome, London, Zurich, Paris, New York, Chicago, Kailua Kona, Lijiang.
Top 10 Investing Cities: Shanghai, Seattle, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Sydney, San Francisco, Dallas, Tokyo.
Top 10 most beautiful cities: Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Stowe, San Juan, Santa Fe, Saugatuck, Michigan, Guilin.
Top ten developing cities: Nurkent, Kazakhstan; Songdo, South Korea; King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia; Appolonia, Ghana; Eko Atlantic, Lagos; Anthony, New Mexico; Waterfront City, Dubai; Masdar City, Abu Dhabi; Destiny, Florida; Anthony, New Mexico.
Top 10 safest cities: Zurich, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Sydney, Amsterdam, Osaka, Toronto, Tokyo, Melbourne, Singapore.
Top 10 gastronomic cities: Rome, Paris, Barcelona, ​​New Orleans, New York, Tokyo, San Sebastián, Aarhus, Chengdu, Nashville.
Top 10 cultural cities: Rome, Barcelona, ​​London, Mexico City, Beijing, Alexandria, Athens, Jerusalem, Xi'an, Berlin.
Top 10 Fashion Cities: New York, Hong Kong, Arles, Paris, Milan, Marrakech, London, Rome, Shanghai, Tokyo.
Top 10 Sustainable Cities: Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Cape Town, Helsinki, Curitiba, Reykjavik, Austin, Rio de Janeiro.
Top 10 Historic Cities: Cusco, Peru; Alexandria, Egypt; Athens, Greece; Varanasi, India; Prague, Czech Republic; Beijing, China; Berlin Germany; Istanbul, Turkey; Xi'an, China; Varanasi, India.
Top 10 Modern Cities: Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, New York, Taipei, Dubai, Stockholm.
The best city in the world: Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Switzerland, Sydney, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Vancouver, New York, NY, Taipei.

The Best City Awards presented by the American Urban Institute were established to recognize excellence in metropolitan areas, honoring cities that are productive, provide adequate infrastructure, have a good quality of life, provide equity and social inclusion, and practice sustainability. environmental. Each category is elevated by different factors.


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