PROMTUR Panama reveals its plan to reposition the destination

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PROMTUR Panama reveals its plan to reposition the destination
Eugenia Powell, PROMTUR Panamá
Source: Travel2latam
Thu August 19, 2021

The DMO promotes and markets the Central American country internationally and seeks to promote the recovery of the sector in all segments and products

During IBTM Americas we have been able to interview Eugenia Powell, Associate Sales Director of PROMTUR Panama, who has shared a complete overview of the Central American destination. Share their responses below:

How does your DMO work and what functions does it have?
"We are the marketing and promotion organization of Panama. We work closely with the Panama Tourism Authority, which is the regent and is in charge of planning the destination. We work coordinating the public and private sectors to constantly promote international level the destinations of our country. Despite the fact that our DMO was created in 2017, it was only in 2019 that we received funds from ATP to start operating and then the pandemic began. 2020 was a year with many challenges, the same as for all destinations but it has given us the opportunity to organize ourselves. 2021 is our first operational year and we are off to a strong start to put our country on the map". 

How is your plan in the short, medium and long term?
"We created a plan with specific objectives. In the immediate future we work with strategic allies, that group includes the airlines. We are currently managing 9 alliances with companies that have direct flights to Panama to increase the number of frequencies and work together in the market. and sales to boost the arrival of tourists. At the same time we are generating agreements with online travel agencies in the main source markets". 
"The MICE segment is also very important for us. The air connectivity and infrastructure we have allows us to position the country as an ideal option for international event organizers. Only in Panama City we have 20,000 rooms, there are 10 hotels with centers of conventions and the Panama Convention Center, a complex located in the Panama Canal, is about to open".
"We are also going to support the segment with an incentive plan to give all the tools to the organizers to choose our country". 
"All strategies are based on the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan that I keep in the other year 2020 by the Tourism Authority, which is our guide to manage the international promotion of the country. For example, our stand is designed based on the 3 heritages that are established in the master plan. Green encompasses our natural wealth, blue refers to the experiences that we can offer by going out to the oceans and finally the cultural one that is based on the legacy of our history". 

How will you promote the destination internationally?
"We are about to launch the new strategic positioning and a tourist campaign at the end of the year highlighting our resources and identity".
"In the long term we seek to have a business intelligence center to make strategic decisions based on big data. Today we have already started working with different sectors analyzing the information we collect and thus make strategic decisions".

What are the most relevant source markets for you?
"The United States is our main market, then we have a second group made up of France, Germany, Spain and Brazil. While Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Canada are part of the third group of countries where we will focus".  

What initiatives are you launching in conjunction with COPA?
"We have just launched a stop over so that the arriving tourist can stay 7 days touring the country at no additional cost. Each site in Panama is different and deserves to be visited. Due to the diversity we have, there are programs for all types of visitors".

What is your long-term vision?
"It is based on the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and is to transform us into a world-class sustainable destination".


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