Puerto Vallarta, cradle of Mexican hospitality

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Puerto Vallarta, cradle of Mexican hospitality
Luis Villaseñor
Source: Travel2latam
August 20, 2021

The Mexican destination has been present at IBTM Americas exhibiting its attractions for the MICE segment

With the reopening of tourism, Puerto Vallarta is rapidly recovering its occupancy levels and is on track to grow by 2022. The destination offers extensive infrastructure and connectivity for the MICE segment to once again take center stage. To learn about current affairs and future plans, during IBTM Americas, we have interviewed Luis Villaseñor, Director of the Tourism Trust. We share their responses below:  

What are the incentives you have for the MICE segment?
"The months such as May, June, July, August, September, October and November are the months that the hotel industry can offer more benefits and facilities for congresses that require more rooms or spaces".
"Puerto Vallarta from its geographical position guarantees excellent air connectivity. At the national level we have flights to Mexico City, Monterrey, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juárez, Tijuana, etc. At an international level, we have a large number of routes connecting with the main cities in the United States and we also have flights to 16 cities in Latin America".
"We have an excellent infrastructure to provide a variety of first-rate experiences. We offer, for example, more than 50 outdoor activities and excellent locations for outdoor events. In addition, our operators and DMCs can adapt to all possible requirements".

What are the main source markets?
"Before the pandemic, 55% of visitors were domestic and 45% international. The United States is the main source country, with most travelers arriving from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Houston and Dallas. As for Latin America, before the pandemic the main market was Colombia, but the one that generated the most night's stay was Argentina, we also had a large market in Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala".

What aspect distinguishes Puerto Vallarta from the rest of the Mexican destinations?
"It is a city that has the essence of the typical Mexican town with a very cosmopolitan vibe and modern infrastructure. It is the destination that has the greatest number of outdoor activities and is the second gastronomic pole. In Puerto Vallarta you can experience the essence and traditions of Mexico and hospitality is in our DNA. In our city, the first hostel for workers from the silver mine was founded in 1851 and that is why we say that we have more than 150 years of hospitality tradition. When someone arrives at our destination they feel at home".


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