Dominican President inaugurates the construction of an important complex in Puerto Plata

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Dominican President inaugurates the construction of an important complex in Puerto Plata
Source: Mintur
August 23, 2021

Luis Abinader yesterday gave the first piezo of the project The Royal Lake Village by Lifestyle, which will have a millionaire investment and will generate 300 new direct jobs and another 900 indirect

The new Lifestyle Group offer is a sustainable residential tourism project (Eco Friendly type), which will be made up of 129 villas with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms.

The president of the Lifestyle Group, Markus Wischenbart, thanked the president and the Government for the support received in the pandemic to the hotel sector, while highlighting the effort and the excellent work carried out in order to mitigate the consequences of COVID- 19, in addition, commented that the new project will attract thousands of new tourists a year to the important destination of Puerto Plata, which will promote a significant economic movement throughout the area.

"The opening of this new project is a further demonstration of our confidence in the total recovery of Dominican tourism, the good investment climate that exists and that we continue to bet on the destination of Puerto Plata," said the businessman when delivering a speech.

He also highlighted the effort made by the government and the private sector to achieve the responsible recovery of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

He stated that in the case of the Lifestyle Group, an average occupancy of more than sixty percent has been recorded in the first six months of this year and that only in July was 80 percent reached.

Another sign of the recovery, Wischenbart said, is that it currently has 2,500 direct jobs and another 5,000 indirect ones.

The Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, highlighted the importance of this new investment in the development of tourism on the North Coast.

"This investment by the Lifestyle Group is one more encouragement in this destination and a commitment to the bright future that we have all been building for our country," Paliza said when delivering a speech.

He recalled that the Lifestyle Group has become the main employer in Puerto Plata and one of the most important in the entire northern region.

During the first picazo, President Abinader was accompanied, in addition to Paliza, by Senator Ginnette Bournigal and the Governor of Puerto Plata, Claritza Rochtte Peralta, among other officials.


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