Chihuahua promoted its destinations in IBTM Americas

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Chihuahua promoted its destinations in IBTM Americas
Source: Travel2latam
Mon August 23, 2021

The largest state in Mexico has been present at the fair held last week to publicize its attractions for the MICE segment

Chihuahua has had an outstanding participation during IBTM Americas, the event that took place on August 18 and 19 at the CitiBanamex Center in Mexico City. To find out the details, we interviewed the Director of the Tourism Promotion Trust Francisco Moreno. We share the official's responses below:

Could you describe the offer of the State of Chihuahua for both vacation tourism and MICE?
"Chihuahua has many experiences and alternatives, not only because it is the largest state that Mexico has, but also because of its geographical location. We have 250,000 km2, a varied territory bordering the United States and impressive natural beauty. The traveler can select experiences according to your expectations. "
"Chihuahua is part of the largest desert in all of North America, its capital, which bears the same name, concentrates a revolutionary past that resonates in each of its routes, with museums, monuments and buildings that narrate battles won, the presence of the faith and the architectural influence that refuses to lose its validity".
"Among the main attractions I can highlight the Chepe Train that runs through the Copper Canyon crossing the Urique River at a speed of more than 100 km, the Via Ferrata Adventure Park and the cable car, among others".
"What is really remarkable is the cultural diversity since our visitors can make contact with native peoples such as the Tarahumara or Rarámuri. We also have the largest Mennonite community in America".

What infrastructure does Chihuahua have for MICE tourism?
"We have category hotels with open spaces that allow us to comply with the new biosafety standards both in Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez. We are a state with a lot of experience in the field of congresses, conventions and corporate travel, we distinguish ourselves by being a gastronomic and viticulture ".
"Chihuahua Capital has more than 7000 rooms available among all categories, there are rates from 20 to obviously 150 dollars. In Ciudad Juárez we have more than 9000 rooms available also for all types of budgets".

What are your main source markets?
"Chihuahua connects with Dallas, Houston and Denver, so tourists from the United States arrive. In the case of Ciudad Juárez it does not have international flights, because the El Paso Airport is a few minutes away and on the border area you have more than 30 destinations connected. Other important source markets for us are Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. From Europe we receive mostly people from France, obviously Spanish and German". 


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