Cinema as a way of tourism recovery

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Cinema as a way of tourism recovery
Source: GTFF
August 24, 2021

From October 21 to 24 will be held the GTFF, a innovative and nomadic festival that brings together destinations, film and tourism sector

GTFF is an innovative film festival featuring films that have the power to raise awareness of the critical role that destinations play in the success of film and television. GTFF, the world's first nomadic tourism film festival, is produced to support tourism destinations and local economies that depend on tourism.

GTFF recognizes international filmmakers and audiovisual productions that fundamentally integrate and promote global awareness of the destination. Driven by a powerful mission statement, GTFF's activities include film industry workshops, as well as seminars exploring sustainable tourism; inspire audiences to take positive conservative action.

The virtual edition of GTFF 2021 is produced in association with and in support of tourism in the Netherlands.

The mission of the Global Tourism Film Festival is:

  • Recognize and reward talented tourist filmmakers.
  • Presenting films and productions about tourist destinations and products to the public.
  • Promote the latest trends in the making of tourist films.
  • Incline the interest of tourism companies and producers towards tourist film products.
  • Inspire professionals in the film industry to return their efforts and specialize in making tourism films.
  • Draw the attention of film production companies, the media, tourism and the public to a platform.
  • Create conditions for highly effective promotional content.

A portion of the GTFF income will be shared with active foundations willing to uphold the principles of sustainable tourism.

GTFF is produced by US and Canadian film and tourism industry leaders who have demonstrated outstanding experience in Film and Tourism, including appointment to the film and tourism regulatory commissions.

From world premieres to awards ceremonies, from screenings to fruitful industry networks, from fierce international jury-driven competitions to brilliant keynote speakers, opportunities to meet participants' needs to better understand and be part of the latest trend in the film making are numerous.

The public, film and tourism sectors would also have access to first-hand news and information from international tourism authorities with information on destinations related to film and cinema.

In addition to the festival's film selections, 2021 GTFF provides access to free in-depth industry seminars and workshops taught by industry gurus. Filmmaker seminars include capital raising for productions, film advertising, distribution, and casting fundamentals. Introductory workshops covering film making, script writing, and on-camera acting are available to the film community. The Netherlands and Uganda Tourism Councils Destination Seminars would lead and close the informational events.

Festival information is available at  and the Festival 2021 film calendar will be available in September 2021.


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