Mexico could close 2021 with 28.4 million visitors

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Mexico could close 2021 with 28.4 million visitors
Source: Twitter @AICM_mx
August 24, 2021

This was estimated by the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués who also stated that the sector could close the year with a spill of 14,262 million dollars

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico Miguel Torruco Marqués, virtually inaugurated the "First Week of Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies", where he affirmed that thanks to the fact that expectations have increased according to reservations, at the end of this year 28.4 million international tourists will have arrived in the country, with an economic benefit of 14,262 million dollars, while the average annual hotel occupancy will be 45.6 percent.

In thanking the president of the Mexican Group of Travel Agencies and Tourist Companies (GMA), Roberto Trauwitz, for the invitation to the opening of this event, he pointed out that based on information published by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) estimates that at the end of 2021 the Tourism Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow 10.8 percent, compared to 2020, and represent 7.1 percent of the national GDP.

He also highlighted that a national investment of 173 thousand 818 million pesos is maintained, with 405 tourism projects, which generate 139 thousand 843 direct and indirect jobs, mainly in Nayarit, Baja California Sur, Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Mexico City.

In this context, the head of the Sectur said that, without a doubt, these are encouraging figures that show a tourist activity on the way to recovery. "We are convinced that by working together and in harmony between the public and private sectors, there will be sustained growth and we will return to the levels registered in 2019," he said.

He emphasized that this "First Week of Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies" brings together the Mexican sector to continue working for the consolidation of tourist activity, the engine of development of the national economy and a source of social welfare, especially for that population. based in tourist destinations.

He added that after more than a year of pandemic, a situation that has severely affected all sectors of the world economy, including tourism, today in our country there is a process of reactivation and recovery of the industry, which looks forward with the confidence that we will resume our leadership in the international arena.

He stressed that companies in the tourism sector have suffered from the immobility of travelers and, consequently, the noticeable drop in demand for their products and services. "However, we know that they have not stood by, but are working to adapt to the new reality, innovating and joining forces to regain their leading role in the tourist value chain and in the movements of our visitors," he said.

He added that travelers will privilege, in addition to the quality of the service, health security, so that all the actors of the tourist activity must always be at the forefront, informing and guiding our potential tourists about the particular situation of the square to visit. , thereby generating greater certainty and confidence.

Secretary Torruco Marqués stressed that the Government of Mexico, together with the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), is working on the consolidation of air connectivity, since it is a key element in the recovery of the sector.

“In this sense, we are committed to strengthening our airport infrastructure in the different areas of the Republic, with actions such as the expansion of the Huasteca Potosina Airport, in San Luis Potosí; the upcoming start-up of the Barrancas del Cobre Airport, in Creel, Chihuahua; the expansion and remodeling of the Chetumal Airport, which has already been completed, in Quintana Roo; in addition to the next construction of the Tulum Airport, in the same state, "he said.

He stated that Mexico's air activity will also be reinforced with the infrastructure project of the Metropolitan Airport System, which includes three well-adapted and well-built international airports: “Benito Juárez”, in Mexico City; the “General Felipe Ángeles” and that of Toluca, which together will serve 65 million passengers in 2022.

Finally, the head of the Sectur exhorted the representatives of the tourism sector in Mexico: “Let's make synergy to offer our visitors meaningful, unique and memorable experiences. We belong to an activity that unites us. Let's share values ​​and interests. We are all important. We are all protagonists of the arduous, but exciting task of making tourism a tool for progress and prosperity”.


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