Reactivation of LATAM flights from Santiago de Chile to Cancun will generate a spill of more than US $ 10 million

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Reactivation of LATAM flights from Santiago de Chile to Cancun will generate a spill of more than US $ 10 million
Source: LATAM Airlines
Wed August 25, 2021

This was stated by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico. The airline will operate this route again from September 10

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, announced that the resumption of flights between Santiago de Chile and Cancun by Latam Airlines, starting next September 10, will generate a spill of 10 million 134 thousand dollars during the last four months of this year.

He indicated that, in this way, Latam Airlines continues its process of gradual reactivation of international operations, which were suspended since February 28, 2021, the date on which it carried out its last operations between Santiago de Chile, Cancun and Miami.

The head of Sectur pointed out that during 2020 the arrival of Chilean tourists to the Cancun airport was 27,590, which generated a spill of 27 million 365 thousand dollars.

Likewise, in the first semester of 2021 the volume of Chileans who arrived in Cancun was 18 thousand 807, who left an economic spill of 20 million 298 thousand dollars.

He added that the reactivation of this route will allow Latam not only to be the only airline to offer a direct flight from Santiago to Cancun, but also from Cancun to Santiago, in order to meet the growing demand for tourism to and from the Mexican destination. .

He specified that the arrival of passengers to Cancun by the main South American airlines placed Latam Airlines in position number seven in 2020, and in place nine in January-June 2021.

Last year, the list was integrated in this way: in the first place Interjet, with 49 thousand 16 passengers; followed by Lanperú, with 31,636; Avianca, with 26 thousand 651; Aerolineas Argentinas, with 15,621; Aerorep República, with 10,260; Gol Linhas Aéreas, with 4,905; and Latam Airlines, with 3,820 transported.

While during the first six months of 2021 the ranking was located with Aerorep República in the first place, with 25,395 tourists; then there are Lanperú, with 20 thousand 784; Avianca, with 20 thousand 14; Aerolineas Argentinas, with 6,647; Avior Airlines, with 5 thousand 457; Sky Airline Peru, with 4 thousand 716; Turpial Airlines, with 2,527; Tam Linhas Aéreas, with 1,693; and, finally, Latam Airlines, with 1,581.

Secretary Torruco Marqués pointed out that, according to the Official Airline Guide (OAG), for the period from September 10 to December 31, 2021, the schedule of flights and seats operated by Latam Airlines from Santiago de Chile to Cancun is of 30 flights, with an offer of 9,390 seats.


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