ANATO promotion ratifies Colombians' intention to travel

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ANATO promotion ratifies Colombians' intention to travel
Paula Cortés Calle, ANATO
Source: Twitter @AnatoNacional
August 25, 2021

Travel agencies launched an outlet with special offers. In their first two days, they reached 8,000 users and exceeded expectations

The pandemic has generated a series of changes in the preferences of tourists when traveling, some temporary and others definitive. Consequently, the ANATO Travel Agencies prepared their offer for the Viajatón at, the travel outlet led by the Association and supported by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Fontur. An event that has exceeded expectations in its first two days of development, reaching the participation of about 8 thousand users.
Considering the trend of reactivation of national and international tourism, due to the flexibility of the measures for the mobilization of travelers, the offer of the Viajatón in concentrates 57% in tourist services and products of the entire Colombian territory; and 43% in the rest of the world with tourist packages to 71 countries.
“We are happy to see the great reception of this activity because we can see that the intention of Colombians to travel continues, and for the purchase of their next tourist experiences they have decided to receive the support and advice of our Travel Agencies. As a union, we are satisfied to be able to support the alliances that our Associates have achieved with airlines and banks, with the purpose of benefiting users, ”said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.
It should be noted that travelers have shown interest in online advice for trips with family or friends, additionally the consultation for destinations such as San Andrés, Argentina and Turkey stands out, in addition to the orientation of packages with an average stay of four nights.
Likewise, during the first days of the activity, the Colombian Caribbean has concentrated 35% of travelers' searches, highlighting sun and beach destinations such as San Andrés, Cartagena and Santa Marta. While in the Pacific, places like Isla Gorgona, Nuquí and Bahía Solano, are the ones that lead the interest of Colombians. In the case of internationals, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Aruba stand out.
“We invite Colombians to be part of this great event, since the special conditions that are being applied, within the framework of the Viajatón at, will be in force until August 28. However, the tourist offer of our Agencies will continue to be available on the website ”, concluded the union leader.


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