Carara National Park obtains Certificate of Tourism Sustainability from ICT

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Carara National Park obtains Certificate of Tourism Sustainability from ICT
Source: ICT
August 25, 2021

This conservation area may be part of the marketing strategies

As part of the celebration of National Parks Day, Carara National Park obtained the Certificate of Tourism Sustainability (CST) at the basic level granted by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and, in addition, it becomes the second park in having this distinction after Manuel Antonio.
By having this certificate, this conservation area may be part of the ICT marketing strategies, obtain exemptions to participate in international fairs and may promote itself as a consolidated sustainable tourism product, generating a link to strengthen economic development, linkages and greater competitiveness.
The evaluation takes into account aspects such as adequate business management, social, economic and cultural impact, and environmental impact in the category of protected areas. In the case of Carara National Park, it complied 100% with all the mandatory indicators in the aforementioned areas, presenting the evidence to the Technical Commission of the CST, who finally provided the certification, as reported by the ICT Department of Certifications and Social Responsibility for Tourism.
The CST is a recognition that has as its fundamental purpose to turn the concept of sustainability into something real, practical and necessary in the context of the country's tourism competitiveness, with a view to improving the way in which natural and social resources are used.
For Alberto López, General Manager of the ICT, the Carara National Park shows that with teamwork between park rangers, administrative staff and visitors it is possible to have high levels of responsibility in all environmental management, as well as the entire operation that encompasses the management of a conservation area. “This year we celebrate National Parks Day by sending an effusive congratulation to the National System of Conservation Areas because a second National Park has obtained the Certificate of Tourism Sustainability granted by the Technical Verification Commission of the CST and we hope in the short and medium term keep adding more parks to this certification "concluded López.
For her part, Guiselle Méndez Vega, Coordinator of the Tourism Program in Protected Wild Areas of the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) stated that the conservation of the country's protected wild areas has been a pillar for the development of sustainable tourism in our country . Managing the visit within one of these areas by tourists entails responsible planning, so that the conservation objectives for which it was created are met and at the same time contribute to the country brand in sustainable tourism. "We took advantage of the opportunity given by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, by establishing the CST category for protected areas since the previous year and they are already beginning to see the fruits with the certification of the Manuel Antonio and Carara national parks," he concluded
The incomparable beauty of the “Río de Lagartos”
Carara National Park owes its name to an indigenous word Huetar that means “River of lizards” and is located between the cantons of Turrubares and Garabito just 90 minutes from San José, so it is It facilitates your visit on one-day tours due to its accessibility through Route 34.
In addition, it has the only transitional forest in the Central Pacific, which translates into diversity of flora and fauna, where species typical of dry and humid forests converge. . In addition to the above, this national park is one of the favorite destinations for bird watchers due to its great diversity of species in which populations of the Scarlet Macaw stand out.
Carara is the first conservation area in the country to have a universal access trail, so that all tourists can live the experience of being inside the forest with large trees and know the symbiotic relationship that exists between some of the species. Although it has been in operation for 42 years, it stands out for its constant innovation in environmental conservation issues for the enjoyment of tourists.
The National System of Conservation Areas began the process for the Carara National Park to achieve this certificate on December 15, 2020 and culminated on August 19 with the granting of the Technical Verification Commission (CTV) of the basic CST in the category of Protected Wild Area. Currently there are more than 400 tourism companies with CST in Costa Rica and this certificate has achieved the recognition of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.


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