Brazil reaffirms partnership with the United Arab Emirates

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Brazil reaffirms partnership with the United Arab Emirates
Source: MTur
Wed September 01, 2021

Minister Gilson Machado Neto and Ambassador Saleh Alsuwaidi met yesterday to advance the development of tourism activity

The Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, met yesterday with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Brazil, Saleh Alsuwaidi, to discuss Brazil's participation in Expo Dubai - the world's largest international business fair -, an initiative that seeks to increase the tourist flow between the two countries.
In addition, Brazil seeks to install an office of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur) in the United Arab Emirates. 

The ambassador made himself available to the minister to organize a series of agendas with interlocutors from the sector, both at the government level and in the private sector. The idea is to present to Arab entrepreneurs, investment opportunities underway in Brazil in the hotel sector, as well as in national parks and in aviation.

“We have enormous potential in nature tourism, especially in the post-pandemic period, and that is why we are the best destination for both those who want to travel and those who want to invest. For this reason, the Brazilian government has developed a series of actions to reduce bureaucracy in the sector and put an end to the obstacles that hinder the development of tourism in Brazil ”, comments the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto.

The official visit of the Ministry to the United Arab Emirates, in October, foresees its participation in the opening of Expo Dubai, as well as a series of agendas also in Abu Dhabi, as part of Brazil's efforts to promote an even closer relationship with that country and other Arab nations.

During the international agenda, the minister intends to discuss the return of Etihad flights to Brazil, as well as the increase in the frequency of Emirates flights. On the occasion, Gilson Machado Neto will also talk with Arab funds to expand investments in Brazil.

"We are at the disposal of the Brazilian government to ensure that Minister Gilson's visit to the United Arab Emirates is as fruitful as possible, with a view to strengthening the relationship between the two countries and boosting tourism activity in Brazil by attracting investment," he said. says Ambassador Saleh Alsuwaidi.


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