CSR: the best face of tourism at the worst time

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CSR: the best face of tourism at the worst time
Source: Twitter @WHO
September 08, 2021

Amid the ravages caused by the pandemic, tourism continues to show solidarity with its community

The tourism industry has been suffering like no other from the devastating effects of the pandemic, even so, since it began at the end of February 2020 the sector has shown commitment and solidarity to be present and give the best of itself for its community. Already in the first weeks we have reported infidity of companies that have made their facilities available to collaborate. In a first stage, it has been remarkable how the convention centers were transformed into field hospitals and the hotels were made available to house health personnel and those infected with the virus. Then, over the months, many of those fairgrounds have been used to set up vaccinations with inoculants transported by airlines that showed how in their most critical hour they have been up to the task in unprecedented missions.
Tech firms have also actively collaborated. During the first wave of Covid-19 Amadeus has put its Hospitality and Travel Channels teams to work together to create the global rate code H24 to make it easier for hotels to apply discounts or bonuses for healthcare workers in a network which has gathered 4,700 properties.
The bed benches have also contributed their grain of sand in different projects. It is worth mentioning Hotelbeds who, amid the chaos caused by cancellations and rescheduling, launched a virtual version of its old Corporate Volunteering program to help the most vulnerable during COVID-19. Encourage the company's global workforce to actively participate in CSR opportunities around the world. All activities are carried out remotely to ensure employee safety and include more than 30 activities. Around 100 NGOs from around the world have been able to benefit from Hotelbeds' Corporate Volunteering program, including NGOs such as Give Kids the World in Orlando, Beyond Social Services in Singapore, The Thai Red Cross in Bangkok,

But the commitment of tourism has encompassed other tasks not related to the health crisis, a lot has happened until today, countless initiatives that had already been carried out, have continued.
For example, after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti, American Airlines has partnered with Team Rubicon to offer assistance to the country. Through a donation of 1 million AAdvantage miles, the firm has transported first responders and medical professionals. 
Another notable initiative "Together with Love", the international volunteer campaign of NH Hotel Group and Minor International that involves throughout the year the participation of more than 1,000 employees in 15 countries.  
Cruise lines have also been active, even though they have been idle for a long period. It is worth mentioning that in April, Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises sent two ships to St. Vincent to evacuate residents at risk from the La Soufriere volcano eruption. 


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