ABAV Expo & Collab enters its final phase of organization

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ABAV Expo & Collab enters its final phase of organization
Source: ABAV
September 08, 2021

The details of the project and the biosafety protocols were refined last week, during a visit by the president of ABAV, Magda Nassar to the Ceará Events Center

Marking the resumption of the face-to-face editions and the travel format that established the ABAV event as the main meeting of national tourism, ABAV Expo & Collab arrives on October 6 at the Ceará Events Center, in Fortaleza, for three days of immersion in business, training and relationships.

To unite trade in full compliance with the restrictions still imposed by the pandemic, this year's event will adopt the hybrid model. Face-to-face participation will be limited to a daily flow of three thousand people, simultaneously, with permanent supervision so that all biosafety protocols are ensured, and virtual participation will be guaranteed through an online platform, which will reflect the entire physical schedule.

Access control will be through an online system that will continuously display the volume of people circulating in each area of ​​the pavilion, totaling 13,500 square meters. The credentials, printed or in a QR code loaded on the cell phone, must be presented at the entrance and exit, which will have eight doors to avoid any risk of crowds.

In the exhibition area, all the stands will be arranged in an island format, separated by four meters, and only three model options. In order to also reduce human trafficking in the run-up to and post-event periods, the organizer opted to hire a single assembler.

Exhibitors and visitors will have a food court, located on an upper floor and with its own air purification system, and a support unit with water and coffee service, installed in an area away from circulation points.

A connectivity room will function as a rest area, from which training can be followed in Vila do Sabre, which will also occupy the upper floor of the pavilion. All the presentations will be broadcast online, serving the public that opts for virtual participation through the Collab platform, which will also reflect the exhibition area. Each conference will last 50 or 80 minutes, so the final ten minutes are dedicated to cleaning the rooms.

“Within the limits possible, we are going to hold our big meeting, reconnect business and make it possible for business to happen again with force. We have this commitment to the exhibitors and visitors who chose ABAV Expo & Collab to consolidate the resumption process ”, says the president of ABAV Nacional, Magda Nassar. In a recent survey carried out in partnership with Sebrae, 72% of those interviewed indicated ABAV Expo as the event of choice for the search for training and updating of launches and trends, out of a list of 11 options, national and international. The same survey indicates the optimism of entrepreneurs in the sector regarding the recovery of income and the rehiring of personnel this year.

Opening ceremony
During her visit to the Ceará Events Center to align the joint participation of public and private initiatives in the actions of ABAV Expo & Collab 2021, last week, the president Magda Nassar carried out an intense agenda of meetings with businessmen and travel agents, members and leaders of local entities, as well as government representatives, such as secretaries Renato Lima and Alexandre Pereira.
Accompanied by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Arialdo Pinho, Magda was received by Governor Camilo Santana, who confirmed his presence at the opening ceremony, which will take place on October 6, at 11 a.m., at the Ceará Events Center.

Confirmed exhibitors
Equally optimistic about the long-awaited resumption moment are the 80 exhibitors, representing 140 brands, who will arrive in Fortaleza together with ABAV Expo & Collab. On the international list are destinations such as Israel, Peru and Kenya and Portuguese companies in the cooperatives of Portugal United and Visit Fatima, making their debut at the fair. Jordan will be represented by DMC Hajjat ​​Tours & Travel. The participation of Gol, Azul, Itapemirim, Latam, Localiza, as well as CNC and Sebrae, who renew this year the traditional alliance with ABAV as the main sponsors of the event, is also confirmed.

The Ministry of Tourism will be present as the main anchor for institutional promotion of the more than 40 national destinations present, some with independent stands such as Mato Grosso do Sul, which will have one of the doors of the pavilion.

The accreditation for visitors remains open and must be done in advance on the website www.abavexpo.com.br.


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