Companies from 16 countries seek experiences of nature tourism in Colombia

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Companies from 16 countries seek experiences of nature tourism in Colombia
Source: ProColombia
September 08, 2021

They will meet in the ninth version of Colombia Nature Travel Mart, the most important business conference specialized in this type of activities in the country

The demand for nature and adventure experiences in Colombia continues to increase. This time, 74 international companies, which are in search of the offer that the country has, will participate in the ninth version of Colombia Nature Travel Mart (CNTM), and of these, 64 attend the business conference for the first time.

For a week, from September 7 to 10, companies from 16 countries in America and Europe will meet virtually with Colombian entrepreneurs from 16 departments to do business. On this occasion, international entrepreneurs will be able to learn about the new experiences that the country offers thanks to a new strategy that shows the wealth of Colombia in six tourist regions.

“The luxury that Colombia has is its incredible nature that abounds in all corners of the territory, in fact, we are the first most biodiverse country in the world per square meter. Hundreds of international travelers are attracted by this natural wealth, because the world of travel today demands experiences that connect people with nature in sustainable destinations. And this is what we offer in our country, megadiverse places that have a purpose of conservation and respect for their natural jewels ”, explained Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The official highlighted that the demand for this type of experience has increased: “For this new version of CNTM, 83 percent of the participating international companies attend for the first time. This indicates that more and more travelers in the world are seeing the need to explore places with this offer and what better way to do it in our country ”.

“From the National Government we are committed to promoting a high quality and sustainable tourist destination. The Colombia Nature Travel Mart aligns the interests of the industry in favor of the development of an activity under these criteria. Precisely, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism launched the Sustainable Tourism Policy last year. This policy wants to consolidate tourism as a responsible sector in its practices and in the services it offers. Thus, we are going to show the best of nature destinations while we work for their conservation ”, said the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana Villalba.

Entrepreneurs from Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and the United States will attend, the last four being the most represented. The objective is that in addition to generating business, they also attend a series of familiarization trips that will take place in October this year.

For their part, the participating Colombian entrepreneurs come from Boyacá, Nariño, Casanare, San Andrés and Providencia, Quindío, La Guajira, Amazonas, Huila, Magdalena, Santander, Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda, Bolívar, Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca. These last five regions concentrate the greatest participation within the event.

The event, in addition to promoting the country's unique experiences through the offerings of specialized companies, seeks to leave a legacy applied to the country's objective of implementing sustainable parameters in the industry. In this way, ProColombia will join the project of the International Conservation Organization-WWF that aims to protect the biodiversity of the Colombian Pacific from the effects of plastic waste pollution on its marine ecosystems.

“This type of initiatives that the entity has carried out have yielded important results, for example, in the 2020 version of CNTM we supported the restoration of 50 coral reef barriers through the NGO Corales de Paz and, in addition, we helped in the planting of 50 trees in the Coffee Cultural Landscape in alliance with the Guardián de los Arboles project, ”said Santoro.

On the other hand, and as a complement to CNTM, on August 26 the business chain meeting was held, in which 179 Colombian businessmen met with the aim of generating synergies and chains of innovative experiences that help to strengthen and diversify the country's tourist offer focused on the product of nature and adventure. On this occasion, business expectations were generated for more than 1,500 million pesos.


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