Azul announces the return of its operations to Montevideo and Punta del Este

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Azul announces the return of its operations to Montevideo and Punta del Este
Source: Twitter @azulinhasaereas
September 10, 2021

The new frequencies mark the resumption of the company's operations to two important destinations in South America

The Azul airline announces the return of its operations to Uruguay and the start of the sale of air tickets for Montevideo and Punta del Este. The reopening of operations marks the return of the company to two important destinations in South America and strengthens the international offer of Azul, which also operates in Lisbon (Portugal) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, United States).

The resumption of flights to Montevideo will begin on November 10, and the return of operations to Punta del Este will be on December 20 of this year, pointing to the high summer season. Tickets will begin to be sold on September 9 through all official Azul channels, starting at R $ 2,305 * and R $ 2,287 *, respectively.

La compañía mantendrá dos conexiones semanales a Punta del Este, incluso tras el fin de la temporada alta, convirtiéndose así en la única aerolínea brasileña que opera en el destino. 

“Montevideo and Punta del Este represent our return to the international market in South America, which is always highly requested by clients from all regions of the country, especially Rio Grande do Sul”, highlighted Vitor Silva, Blue Route Planning Manager . “We are taking an important step before the advance of vaccination and the approach of the end of the year season. I take this opportunity to highlight the important joint work with Fraport Brasil and with the Punta del Este Airport to make the return of these routes possible this year. We thank both of them for helping us make these new offers possible for our clients, ”said the executive.

The frequencies to Montevideo will begin to operate four times a week, reaching a daily flight during the high season. Punta del Este will have weekly connection with Porto Alegre and with Campinas (São Paulo), Azul's largest connection center in Brazil.

The recently manufactured Embraer aircraft, model 195 E2, stands out in the resumption of the company's operations in Uruguay. The aircraft will be used in the connections between Viracopos and Punta del Este and will mark the debut of this aircraft on the company's international flights. 

“Together, Azul and Fraport Brasil can offer even more route options and increasingly qualified services for passengers. The resumption of flights between Porto Alegre and Uruguay, with destinations in Montevideo and Punta del Este, shows another great advance in the recovery of the aeronautical industry and the positive impact of the incentive program launched by Fraport Brasil, further strengthening our alliance with Blue, ”said Sabine Trenk, COO of Fraport Brasil.

“Direct connectivity with Brazil is essential for our country, that is why we celebrate that Azul is resuming its activity in Uruguay, both at the Carrasco Airport and at the Punta del Este Airport. This bet of the airline to resume operations in Punta del Este not only in the face of the high season, but for the whole year, is very positive in that it will contribute to seasonally adjust the destination. This great news is the result of joint work between the airports and the airline and helps the recovery of a sector that is the engine of the national economy, ”said Diego Arrosa, CEO of Corporación América Uruguay, the group that manages Carrasco Airport and the Punta del Este Airport.


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