MICE tourism innovates and prepares for the future

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MICE tourism innovates and prepares for the future
Source: Twitter @AmadeusITGroup
September 13, 2021

A new Amadeus study has revealed investment in NDC is accelerating to keep up with the market in the post-pandemic 

Por Angel Gallego, Executive Vice President, Travel Distribution, Amadeus

For years, the travel industry has been talking about NDC in terms of the future. It is coming and it will transform digital retail, was his promise. 

That moment has come. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic of the past year and a half, many of our clients have not given up on their NDC ambitions. Rather, a heightened need to personalize and service the offering has made NDC more relevant than ever. So this year we can change comfortably and talk about NDC in the present tense.

At Amadeus, our commitment has not wavered and we are making NDC content available to all of our travel vendor customers around the world by the end of 2021. It is a bold and ambitious goal, but we are on track to meet it. In fact, travel vendors of all shapes and sizes are already up and running around the world, with more than 2,500 travel agents in 50 markets already able to book and service airline content through NDC using the solutions. from Amadeus. I am confident that NDC will rise to the occasion and we will all benefit in the short and long term.

NDC offers the potential for the travel industry to not only meet the needs of the modern digital consumer, but to anticipate their future needs and ensure that the travel industry leads digital retail. With NDC, we can rebuild travel.

With the standard being rolled out at scale, with full booking and service capabilities, airlines, travel agencies and businesses are already experimenting with bold new offers, packages and trips that were not possible before. They are planning a new era of digital sales, with possibilities to innovate freely and adapt on the fly to changing consumer demands.

To analyze where the industry is with respect to NDC, we asked some of the most influential airlines, travel agencies and companies around the world about their readiness for NDC, the opportunities it is already offering them, the obstacles that remain to be overcome and how they believe the travel industry will change as a result.

In this document, "NDC and the path to industrialization," it is clear that no two airlines or travel sellers are alike. With NDC, each is finding its own way to differentiate itself from the rest and meet the specific needs of its customers. But there is one factor that unites them all, and that is collaboration to boost the sector.

Download our document "NDC and the path to industrialization" to immerse yourself in the debate, with quotes from some of the top executives in the travel industry. You will discover how ...

Qantas is collaborating with travel vendors to create a comprehensive, world-class NDC service. 
American Airlines is working with its large corporate clients to create tailored product offerings that are tailored to different subsets of its employees, such as senior managers. 
NDC helped British Airways create dozens of new price points on its flights and multiply ancillary bookings by 100. 
Travix uses NDC to innovate with fare families and enhance upselling and cross-selling options. 
Flight Center discusses NDC's business impact on its relationship with airlines. 
IATA explains that the NDC is accelerating rapidly and that the engagement of airlines and technology companies is critical to the success of the initiative. 
It also includes the point of view of executives from CWT, Volkswagen, House of Travel and others. 

In addition, "NDC and the path to industrialization" explores the next steps in NDC, specifically how the industry can accelerate the transformation of digital commerce in travel through standardization, experimenting more and through continuous collaboration.

NDC has the potential to greatly expand business opportunities for everyone in the travel industry. The time to start thinking about how to innovate with NDC is now, because it is taking off fast. Thanks to NDC technology, we can power great trips.

Click here to download our report "NDC and the path to industrialization" to see what other industry leaders are doing.


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