Guanacaste Aeropuerto grows in the crisis

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Guanacaste Aeropuerto grows in the crisis
Source: Guanacaste aeropuerto
September 13, 2021

In the midst of the pandemic, the VINCI Airports terminal has made a rebrand and is committed to being a regional leader

Guanacaste Aeropuerto is undoubtedly a model terminal that aims to position its province and its natural beauties worldwide. To know its current events in detail, we interviewed its General Manager César Jaramillo. We share their responses below: 

How has the process of the pandemic erupted until today?
“The pandemic surprised us at a time of growth with a rate of 19% year-on-year, with the terminal recently expanded and with a fairly large group of airlines operating. When the crisis began, we had an orderly departure of tourists as a result of the excellent relationship we have with hotel businessmen. Then we live the reality of an open international airport but without passengers, that has required a lot of resilience and dialogue with the Government. In the reopening, aeronautical rates fell by 30%, this helped us to have some traffic from November and in February 2021 we began to increase in such a way that jobs were recovered in the airlines.
Today we have already re-established connectivity with the United States and we have even more routes to new destinations”.
“In July we changed the commercial brand of the airport, the terminal retains the name of Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, but we created the Guanacaste Aeropuerto commercial brand, which allows us to position ourselves in a fresher way in an increasingly competitive and aggressive industry in attracting tourists”.

Has being part of VINCI Airports contributed to implement better protocols?
“It is a multinational network, where each country complies with standards according to its situation, they share information with us where we all collaborate by sharing effective measures. This experience accumulated in the different airports has helped a lot”.

At a time like this, do you have new investments planned?
“We are in a long-term rethinking exercise, to the extent that we can have visibility of future traffic, we will evaluate the investments. We always seek to stay at the forefront in terms of traveler satisfaction ”.
“Recently, the Airports Council International (ACI) awarded the terminal for the third consecutive year with the award of“ Best Airport in the region ”in the category of less than 2 million annual passengers and delivered an additional recognition called“ The voice of the passenger ", which is the result of the evaluation of those who pass through the terminal and assess the conditions of service, quality and safety offered by the airport".

How do you imagine Guanacaste in the future?
“I see it very well, there is an important flow of foreign investment in our country and there are important chain hotels that will open. On the other hand, the companies that have managed to maintain themselves may have bank loans to stabilize and grow”.


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