ILTM Latin America will bring together more than 100 luxury tourism brands in São Paulo

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ILTM Latin America will bring together more than 100 luxury tourism brands in São Paulo
Simon Mayle
Source: RX Global
Fri September 17, 2021

Under security protocols and a reduced public, the face-to-face event will bring together the most exclusive high-end travel experiences, from all over the world, in a reunion with a market in full recovery

At this time of optimism, marked by the progressive reopening of international borders and the accumulated desire to resume travel, ILTM Latin America brings back to São Paulo, between October 26 and 29, at the Tivoli Mofarrej hotel, the main hotel brands, destinations, airlines, cruises and DMCs that will meet with 120 of the most recognized consulting firms in Latin America, in order to rediscover transformative experiences that reflect current trends in luxury tourism.

As the tourism market witnessed one of the most challenging periods of all time, the sense of reconnection resurfaces with the possibility of getting back together in person. Even more significant is the fact that we become stronger and more aware of the impact of our actions in this looming post-pandemic world.

ILTM Latin America is proud to receive in Brazil more than 100 brands committed to providing excellence, in addition to aligning with the current demands of a Planet that calls for conservation and peace. In this edition, although more compact, there are examples of these efforts.

A destination in tune with this zeitgeist is Switzerland, which in its current “Swisstainable Switzerland” campaign reinforces the message of thoughtful consumption, safeguarding its natural treasures. Another pioneer in sustainability is Turismo de Portugal, whose goal is to bring management efficiency in energy, water and waste to 75% of the country's tourism providers by 2023.

At the same rate, destinations in Brazil are highlighted with outstanding initiatives, such as the Pousada Estrela D'Água, based in Trancoso, Bahia, which aims to eliminate the use of plastic by replacing it with ecological alternatives such as bamboo straws and biodegradable packaging made from starch. Yucca. Between the mountains of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the authenticity of Fazenda Santa Vitória is attested by the appreciation of regional production, from the table to the tours with local guides. In the largest metropolis in the country, Rosewood São Paulo not only arrives as a project to restore the historical and cultural heritage, Cidade Matarazzo, but also with the recovery of native vegetation and 100% Brazilian design.

Meanwhile, across the seas, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania Cruises invest in innovative technology solutions for fuel and energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions. Among many other exhibitors committed to the positive transformation of society and the environment, ILTM Latin America invites us to join this journey, in maintaining an increasingly prosperous global bond in the coming years.


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