All set for the National Congress of Travel and Tourism Agencies of ANATO

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All set for the National Congress of Travel and Tourism Agencies of ANATO
Source: Twitter @Expofuturopei
September 20, 2021

The face-to-face event will be attended by public officials, businessmen and travel agency executives

ANATO will open this Thursday the doors of version 25 of the National Congress of Travel and Tourism Agencies, an event that will run until September 24, and will be held at the Expofuturo Convention Center in Pereira.
Under the slogan "Adaptation and innovation: the future of tourism", and with the assistance of around 400 businessmen from the sector, where about 200 Travel Agents will attend, in addition to the presence of delegates from airlines, hotels, assistance cards, and representatives from more than 25 regions of the country, in addition to the participation of exceptional lecturers, the academic meeting will provide the actors of the sector with tools for reactivation, innovation as an instrument to adapt to the new market and the transformation to the change that has taken place. to face the sector, under the challenges imposed by the pandemic and the new ways of traveling, and in this way make the travel offer more competitive and enhance the work of the service.
Within the framework of the event, Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO will make some requests to solve the current situation of Travel Agencies and the sector in general, taking into account that the period of the current National Government is about to end.
Likewise, there will be the participation of Ángela María Orozco, Minister of Transport; Ricardo Galindo Good; Vice Minister of Tourism; Victor Tamayo, governor of Risaralda; Carlos Maya, mayor of Pereira; Írvin Pérez, president of Fontur; and Juan Daniel Oviedo, director of DANE.
"We have had a high interest from businessmen to be part of this important academic meeting, which confirms that the Congress has been, over the years, an event of impact for the entire sector chain, and that today, more than It is never important to provide them with tools that contribute to strengthening their work and empowering the companies' work teams, ”said the union leader.
And he added “The training of the sector and the analysis of new trends has been a constant in the holding of the ANATO Congresses, after a year of recess that we had to postpone the event, the sector showed interest in the reunion of this type of face-to-face activities, we reiterate the support of destinations for the reactivation of these spaces that also promote tourism in the region ”
It is worth noting the support provided by the companies that have been linked to the event, this is the case of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Fontur, the Risaralda Government, Pereira Mayor's Office, Assist Card, Universal Assistance, Terrawind, Copa Airlines, Assist 1, Mok, Easy Fly and Avianca.


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