Colombia launches new manifesto to promote the country

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Colombia launches new manifesto to promote the country
Source: ProColombia
September 23, 2021

The initiative has as its axis the kindness of Colombians and will serve to strengthen the promotion of exports, attract greater foreign investment, international tourism and generate national pride among compatriots

'Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world'. This is the new manifesto that the country will have to strengthen its positioning and recognition in the world as an ideal business and tourism destination.

The new manifesto, which will be led by ProColombia through the Country Brand, is the result of a quantitative and qualitative investigation between Colombians and foreigners through more than 1,500 surveys and focus groups, which allowed identifying the essence that represents Colombians , build the manifest, and then validate it. Thanks to this study, it was concluded that more than 70 percent of the participants found the message positive and that it corresponded with what Colombians are.

In addition, this is presented at a time when the promotion of the country abroad becomes more relevant, since it has the purpose of positioning the country internationally and, in addition, generating national pride thanks to a characteristic that represents Colombians.

“Making a foreigner feel at home is something easy to achieve in Colombia, since warmth, service and empathy are part of the DNA of this country and of each of its inhabitants. That is why 'Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world' becomes the most successful manifesto and a unique message to tell the world about our territory and, most importantly, about our people! ”, Explained Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The manifesto will become a long-term message to be used in the business areas that ProColombia promotes internationally, making the promotion of tourism, investment and exports more effective. In this sense, the indicators of its impact will be linked to the arrival of investment projects and international travelers, as well as to the exports of non-mining energy products and services.

“2020 was a year in which as a country we have been faced with the task of facing exceptional circumstances in which the best of Colombians have emerged and that is what this manifesto represents. We see that it is essential to redouble our promotional efforts in our lines of work that are fundamental for the economic recovery of the country and this message will help us with this objective, ”added Santoro.

El cambio de percepción de Colombia a nivel mundial
Antes de atribuir este concepto a Colombia, el mundo ya lo reconocía así, de acuerdo con InterNations, la red mundial más grande de personas que viven y trabajan en el extranjero con un registro de 13.000 expatriados de 188 países, el país suramericano es elegido como uno de los más acogedores del planeta.

Su estudio indicó que el 87 por ciento de las personas que hacen parte de su red, está de acuerdo en que la actitud hacia los expatriados en Colombia es generalmente amigable.

Likewise, Colombia is a country in transformation and the world recognizes it. Eight countries in 2019 made positive changes to their travel advisories to Colombia. The United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, South Korea and Japan are the markets that have seen improvements in the country's security situation.  

In addition, we can highlight important recognitions that the country and ProColombia have received, for example, in the Country Brand Awards, awards that reward Country Brands in the world, they gave the country distinctions in its only three categories divided worldwide, Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

A nivel Américas, Colombia en la categoría ‘Doing Bussines’ obtuvo la tercera posición por su estrategia de atracción de inversión; en la categoría “Doing Tourism” se premió la construcción de su marca turística y quedó en segundo lugar; y en la categoría “Overall”, que premia la gestión de los países frente a la pandemia, también ocupó el segundo lugar.

Por otro lado, en la versión suramericana de los World Travel Awards 2020, conocidos como los “Óscar del Turismo”, Colombia ganó 9 premios entre los que se destacan Destino Culinario Líder y Destino LGBT Líder, además, ProColombia ganó como Agencia de Turismo Líder. Por su parte, se reconocieron en otras categorías a seis ciudades: San Andrés, Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla, Cali y Cartagena.

This confirms the confidence that we have in our country, thanks to the work of everyone, from the National Government to improve security and through the embassies and promotion entities such as ProColombia to change the perception of the country.


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