Brazil gradually recovers pre-pandemic air connectivity levels

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Brazil gradually recovers pre-pandemic air connectivity levels
Source: Embratur
September 24, 2021

The Brazilian airline sector registered its fifth consecutive month of growth in September, with an offer of flights that already represents 75% of the total number registered until March 2020

According to figures from the Brazilian Airline Association (ABEAR), the daily average of departures already reaches 1,793 and represents an increase of 108% compared to September 2020, when the number was just 862 flights per day.

A sample of the recovery of the neighboring country's airline industry was the jump in the net profits of the three largest Brazilian airlines -Azul, Gol and Latam- in the second quarter of 2021. The three companies obtained a positive net result of 899, 5 million reais, about 172 million dollars. In this period, according to data from the National Civil Aviation Agency, ANAC, the three airlines tripled the number of flights available until the second quarter of 2020.
According to Carlos Brito, president of the Brazilian Agency for the International Promotion of Tourism, EMBRATUR, in addition to the recovery of air frequencies, the collaboration between that organization, the Ministry of Tourism and the Brazilian embassies in the world is crucial; "In this way we can monitor the perception of Brazil at a global level and plan campaigns that have the desired positive effect," the official stressed. Brazil has already vaccinated more than 80% of the country's total adult population against Covid-19, and several cities are establishing the vaccination requirement to access certain spaces and events.

The president of ABEAR, Eduardo Sanovicz, points out that the growth of the national air network shows the resilience of national airlines in the midst of the crisis experienced by tourism as of March 2020. "It is important to remember that the continuity of this action it is linked to the rate of vaccination and not to the worsening of the pandemic, "he adds.

This year Brazil resumed promoting its destinations in international markets, under the motto "Brazil, safe by nature", based on promoting its natural attractions in beach, jungle and national park destinations. The authorities recommend local and international travelers to look for establishments that comply with the “Responsible Tourism” certificate, an initiative that establishes good biosafety practices common to the entire country for hotels and tour operators. The seal is available for lodging facilities, theme parks, restaurants, cafes, bars, convention centers, fairs, exhibitions, tourist guides, among others.

The Brazilian authorities require South American tourists to submit a Covid test with a negative result, carried out 72 hours in advance, in addition to sworn health declarations; children under 12 years of age accompanied by their parents are exempt from submitting the PCR test.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the largest South American country maintains a robust schedule of international flights: an average of 195 per week to and from Brazil in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, according to information from the National Aviation Agency Civil, ANAC. 


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