Tourism websites traffic grows in Latin America

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Tourism websites traffic grows in Latin America
Source: Twitter @ComscoreLATAM
September 28, 2021

A Comscore report reveals strong audience recovery at hotel, resort and rental sites

Tourism shows signs of gradual recovery with the arrival of vaccines and the decrease in cases in some countries of the region. Consumers in Latin America already regularly visit industry digital sites: although the figures in some cases are not yet those of the pre-ndemic, the curve is clearly upward.  

This is shown by a recently published Comscore study that investigates the last 18 months of digital behavior in the region. Among other things, the research reveals that although each country has different restrictions around tourism, Latin American travelers are already browsing travel sites to discover or plan destinations. The numbers show an audience recovery on hotel, resort and rental sites. Another conclusion is the high demand for tourist content through mobile applications.

En el recorrido histórico, la caída durante 2020 fue pronunciada, especialmente a partir del segundo cuatrimestre del año. Para inicios del 2021, en tanto, empezaron a registrarse alzas significativas en la navegación a través de sitios de viajes en la mayoría de los países. Los datos muestran un patrón en los viajeros latinoamericanos que parece bastante lógico: a mayor cantidad de casos registrados, menos usuarios accediendo a sitios de viajes, una variable que puede atribuirse a las restricciones gubernamentales y de aislamiento.

The curve then shows a clear improvement: for example, as of June 2021, the travel category in Mexico returned to the audience level that it registered in January 2020. The reference outside Latin America is also positive: the United States , with half of the population already vaccinated, presents usual navigation rates in pre-pandemic times since May 2021.

"It seems that the recovery of the travel sector in Latin America will take place in the coming months, so we will continue to observe fluctuations in consumption, surely linked to infections by country and vaccination rates. It is almost impossible to predict how quickly the one that the industry will recover, but what we do know is that there is hope of reactivation and digital commerce will be highly involved in this new consumption normality”, said Alejandro Fosk, Senior VP of Comscore for Latin America.

In that sense, the digital consumption habits of the average Latin American traveler are increasingly important. In Brazil, for example, the average monthly consumption per visitor in the sector is 127 minutes, which represents a positive variation in consumption of 63% if the 2019 figures are compared with those of 2021. The country that follows it in the region is Mexico, whose visitor consumes an average of 41.2 minutes.

In the difference between minutes consumed between mobile phones and desktop devices, a strong preponderance of “mobile first” appears both in Argentina and in Mexico and Brazil, specifically through applications: 65% of Internet users investigate and navigate tourism sites using a app.

Within everything that encompasses the tourism industry, there are sectors that passed the times of contingency better than others. The main subcategories of the sector are already showing recovery trends, especially in hotel, resort and rental sites: in several countries it already exceeds the navigation indexes that were registered in January 2021. The Airlines category seems the most affected, while those of the agencies are shown as the one that suffered the least variations.

In the case of hotel, resort and rental sites, there are four players that lead the region in terms of reach to the total audience: Booking, Airbnb, Trivago and Decameron. Booking is part of the podium of the largest markets analyzed.

The airlines show a market with more diversified players throughout the region. Although the airline industry was one of those that suffered the most, it still has a range between 2% and 4% in Latin America, with LATAM Airlines as the brand that shares leadership in three of the countries analyzed.

"Looking to the future, travel brands and sites should continue to analyze key consumption indicators, in order to better understand how the Latin American traveler has altered their search and travel booking behaviors in an environment that caused the pandemic added the digital acceleration focused on mobile devices" summarized Fosk.


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